March 05, 2010

Women Leadership Summit

We Celebrated 100th year of international Women’s day organized by Silicon India across major cities in India.I missed the key note as I was struck in the traffic and bit delayed for the summit.
Panel1 – Ascending Corporate Ladder
I am summarizing the extremely impressive speech from Kiranmai Dutt’s tips in corporate leadership.
Women – They can speak in volumes. They can create wonders. They are the people behind success of every one. Does woman choose leadership by design or by choice? Well. It depends. Nurturing, Caring and Maintaining good relationships and Empathy are some of the general characters of a woman. Firms need assertive leaders for organizations, otherwise it would be very difficult to manage a team. We have to concentrate on the right thing at right time. Let us do things that establish credibility. Let us be happy and perfect in what we are doing.

We are innocent. We are psychological. We are intuitive, fabulous, some facts to be substantiated. Women have Fetish, dedication & energy. How good we are. The society respects women. A mother, A Wife, as a daughter, As a Daughter-in-law, sister we have to do their responsibilities apart from work.

We are dependent on men and the fact is that men cannot live without women. It is only women need to do some house hold things in certain area. Do not expect men to understand and predict things. Communicate well whether it is at home or office or during work. Now the things are changed. World has many options and opportunities for women. How are we differentiating ourselves than others is important.

The attendees for Women Leadership Summit

Corporate Leadership success Tips
You might be good at speaking but not well at stopping. You need to know how much to speak, when to speak, what to speak and when to stop. If you can balance that you will get success in your life.Be bold. Be courageous. We are not rational as men are. You have the other kind of nuances at work. Some people might mis-understand the friendliness and take things granted. Do you have the courage to tell them that we are friendly but do not take it granted? It is Not quantity of time. It is the quality of the time that is important for being successful leader.

I got a chance to speak to Akhila Jaikumar (Director for Bodhtree Consulting) during lunch. She is so optimist,turns everything into positive,dedicated,maintain relationships, satisfis in whatever she do& an inspiration to all of us.
I am summarizing her speech and tips on How to be a Corporate Leader?
Ascending steps are different than ascending corporate leadership. The Characteristics are common irrespective of age, gender, family back ground. Responsibility is very important for a leader. Where we are now is because of what we have done in the past. And it is also because of the choices we have made. It’s belief, confidence and display matters. Take total responsibility. It’s not about what other person has done. It’s about all you have done. Learn how to act?

Corporate Leadeship Tips
1.3cs – Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! What it takes to be successful communication.?
Inform if any mistakes from your team.Do not hide them. Communicate a day before regarding status and delays (if any).Customers may accept delays understand mistakes but cannot accept if you do not inform prior. Know what to communicate. Explain logically. Women are good at explaining situations than Men. Never work on weaknesses or things you don’t like. Instead work on strengths. Let’s not think it’s man’s world. If that is so we wouldn’t have been here.

2.Ask, Analyze, Assess
Do not guess or pre assume. If you do not understand ask again. There is nothing harm in asking. Analyze if you can do it. Give a realistic assessment. Learn to say no in a polite manner if you do not like or if it is out of scope.Do not take much pressure if sales people promises we can do anything and get projects. That is thier job. You have to give alternative ways and explain logically this is the technical situation and hence we are suggesting this approach.

3.Review Respond, Re-plan
Planning is an important acting. No client gives all requirements at once. We are following agile model. So requirements keep on changing for every project. Your initial plan needs to be replanned. Take time to plan and Replan. Respond to client Emails. Do not overreact. Review team statuses ,Team works and asses quality of the work.

3. Design, Deliver, Delight
Design as per plan and then Deliver in right time to reach the ultimate aim customer satisfaction. Customer Delight is organization delight and personal delight too.

Here is Sridevi‘s (VP for LGS Global) thoughts on corporate leadership
Do not just stick to your task and think that your job is done. Take the opportunities in the organization. Grab them and prove yourself. Be cautious here. Don’t give chance for polished corporate politics to play. Do not make the things and credit to someone. Be ready to face corporate politics. Beware of what’s happening. But don not enter into them. Many people don’t work & take your credit. Make sure that you don’t fall into trap. Speak, ask & Listen is important.
Networking is the key to one's success in a professional life. “Women slog in their careers but are not smart enough to promote themselves. They do not get the recognition and make simple mistakes in their jobs. It could be one of the reasons that success eludes them.”
To face challenges put things straight. Sometimes be cautious about People around you with in organization Prove that you are equally capable and competent. Take Open commitments from the team. Put things transparent. Reward or appreciate for the kind of work done by the team. You do not need to be technically much stronger for a good team manager. You should know how to handle things under the pressure. If you can easily manage at home with your relatives, friends and family, good relations you can be successful leader in the office. Project management comes from home management. Be self motivated, self realized, self organize, reactive to things. Do not be over reactive. Women are very good at negotiating things, grabbing best deals, hard working, dedicated and responsible. Women want to be recognized for their hard work at home or office. There is lot of Social, Economical, and Political power of the women. Do proper thing at proper right time. Learn from past. Don’t worry about future
Panel2 – Women’s work the great juggling art.
This is the most interesting Topic. Here is summary of the Prameela Thomas and Mamatha Benarjee ‘s own experiences.
You have Family, Parents, Kids work at same time. So prioritize tasks important/ urgent. Make choice based on priorities. Do urgent & important things. Spend time to each task. I give priority to family since if I do not have problems there I can deliver productive work. You need not be super women. If you are able to manage at home you are very well can manage in the office. Make relationships to work within your circle. Identify conflicts and think it from the other side. Focus on productivity. Know each ones strength & weaknesses. Never think of any layoffs or kicking off team members. Instead be straight motivate, get things done from the team. Waking up early is very important that saves lot of time and good for health, very good habit. Never Skip your breakfast. You focus on right things. Fame & Money follows you. Some of the Characteristics of Women are Lionist, Ferocious, Lamb, Gentle, Angel to many people. You are Wo- man. You are the wall.

Post Lunch Session – Turning every Adversity into an Advantage

If you are a very good achiever in career life and your kids are not doing good then you are failed. If your family needs your moral support, you can step back & take the time with family. If you are taking break do not sit idle. Be associated with activities and certifications. Try to add strength to yourself. Country needs good and talented resources. Never ever give up. You should love what you do. You got to be perfect in what you do. If you are unique and scalable people come to you. Network with people. You got to believe that you are the best. Really impressive success stories from women in different fields and how they turned adversity into advantage. So what everything happens in life is for our good. Life is so simple to make it happy. Go ahead.

Here we are asked to share the success stories and some of them are really inspiring how they turned them into their success. I have spoken on some of my experiences how do I manage my personal and professional life, my MVP success story and how I achieved it. I got a very good response for it and people have lot of passion for Community Leadership.

The last track was about women entrepreneurs, who are CEO’s and interested in entrepreneurship, wishing to start own entrepreneurs discussed on various opportunities and government support for entrepreneurs. There are 2 organizations ALEP & Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE), for the women entrepreneurs. Association Of
Lady Entrepreneurs Of Andhra Pradesh (ALEAP was heading by Mrs Ramadevi provides training & funding for lady entrepreneurs not necessarily showing collateral.
The overall its good experience and learning on leadership, entrepreneurship technology, networking with top management in various organizations. This summit provided a platform for like-minded women to learn, develop, connect, and network. This is a memorable Women’s Day event.


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