July 03, 2010

Office 2010 Launch Party - Review at Microsoft, Gachibowli

MUGH core Team with the audienace

MUGH made it again Office 2010 Launch, successfully in Hyderabad on 3rd July at Microsoft IDC, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Working professionals in the city during the week end had a technical gathering into the many new exciting features of Office 2010, the latest Microsoft Office interface, launched at a community launch party. I am happy that I was one of the event organizer and as well as speaker for the event and we made it good success.

Hima Vejella Giving the presentation
Hima Vejella - Launching Office 2010 at Hyderabad

The event was sponsored by Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH) community in association with Microsoft. This was organized by Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Hyderabad-based HimaBindu Vejella, Arun Ganesh G and Geetesh Bajaj and Muqeet. The participants has taken to the tour of the various customizable and user friendly features added newly in Office 2010 out of box. To be frank even through the registration was 250 I never thought that all of them will turn up, since it is office 2010 sessions. But to my surprise the hall was full and we have got more audience than expected.

Office 2010 is a complete makeover from the earlier successful versions. Event was started at 10:00 AM by introduction to Office 2010 by Muqeet Khan. Mr. Getesh showed through a power-point presentation the exciting features of video-editing, video cropping and artistic effects. For example, Power Point 2010 has a new animation painter, artistic effects which enable the user to opt for multiple animation techniques, make reflection to play in video. The laser pointer feature that is really cool, that lets to imitate a laser pointer with your cursor. With a few clicks of the mouse lot of photo editing options are available that really save time, can recreate canvasses on slides, to remove the background, merge pictures, crop them and have reflective and 3-D images.

Hima Vejella Taking the questions

I explained the features of MS Word 2010 which was designed to create and manage documents efficiently. Word 2010 comes with advanced features to maximize the productivity of users and incorporates the best document editing tools as compared to its previous versions. It also enables users to recover their lost or unsaved files instantly. Word 2010 comes with in-built Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine that enables documents to read in the speaker.

Hima vejella presenting at Community Launch

I have shown the demo of Excel spark lines is one of the available features in Excel 2010, where you can diagrammatically analyze all stock analysis or financial stuff. I am sure that Excel 2010 could double up as an accounting software solution. Some of the demos I have showed are on Navigation Options, Paste-Preview, instant screen Screen-Shot, Crop to shape, Viewing documents side by side, Comparing documents, Built in PDF Writer, Photo Editing Options, Customizing the Ribbon UI, Text to Speech Conversion, Mini Language Translator.

audience cobtest speaking on office 2010 the best features

The File menu, which had been done away with in Office-2007, has been reintroduced, it is called back to stage view.Word 2010 offers options to save your Word files online and modify and share them while using any Internet browser. I also explained how you can directly blog post the documents from the word provided you have internet connection.

Audience were asked to share their experience on office 2010 and which feature they like the most, and they were given T-shirts as goodies.

Hima Vejella giving goodies to audience

Aman Garg session was very interesting for developers especially for VSTO people , he talked about developing applications using Office 2010, how internally office 2010files got saved. He has thrown some light on open-XML and live demos on Office Web Applications.

There are people who only came for the afternoon sessions and especially for Sandeep’s Session on SharePont 2010, He got lots of Questions from the SharePoint Audience who are using it on live, they said that the sandbox feature in Sharepoint 2010 is like awesome.

Some of the features they like are:
Excel Sparklines, Social networking integration to Outlook and ability to get everything in mouse over, Text to Speech conversion, Mini language translator, onfiguring multiple emailIDs are usable features in Outlook 2010, publishing documents over Sharepoint.
SharePoint 2010 sandbox feature and VSTO features are very well explained from AmanGarg.

The event was very well received by the 200 people audience during week end and the feedback is pretty much good. There was instant quiz organized by MUGH Core Team and the prizes were distributed to the winners. Totally the event was technically enjoyable and productive event. Interested folks can join in MUGH for these types of event notifications.

I came to know that I have so many fan followers who came to me and shared their feelings who are regular readers of my blog. My sincere thanks to Arun for making the event very well organized even though he was busy in his schedule. Thanks to our MVP Lead Abihishek for his constant support and encouragement for the community, whatever we say he is like Hima, Go ahead and do it!!
Do For the Community! Die For the Community!

For those who missed and asked for the presentation slides, here is my presentation that is given.


Saikrishna Alladi said...

Hi Hima.. the event was very good,i enjoyed lot through out the session, thank you very much for providing such a wonderful event

Praveen Agrawal said...

Hi Hima .... Accepet my heartfelt thanks to you and your group.
some days back i joined this group , but i read all about this MUGH lead by MVP's really fascinating. I am in accenture and just started my career through DOTNet and Share Point 2010. Let me know what are the ongoing events for share point 2010 or any additional plan by your group in coming days.

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Thank you Praveen. Stay tuned for the Community Techdays , all the sessions will be focussed on Cloud Computing