A Book Review - Wise and Otherwise - A Salute to Life by Mrs.Sudha Murthy

Title : Wise and Otherwise
Publisher: Penguin Books India (penguin)
Author : Mrs. Sudha Murthy
Price :INR 150

I was gifted with the book "Wise and Otherwise" from my husband long ago. The book was written by Mrs. Sudha Murthy. The book was lying down in my bookshelf from long time; I was really struggling hard to get time to read it. It happened one day while I was going to bed I just read one story and it is so impressive and I felt like reading all 51 stories at once. It took me a week to complete reading the whole book. I am very much impressed and inspired by the excellent narration by Mrs. Sudha Murthy. While I was reading the book, I was imagining each and every seen in front of my eyes.

The language used in the book is so simple, but not cheap and legible to understand for all kind of people. I was so addicted to this book, postponed all my other incomplete work and completed reading this book. I am trying to change in some aspects after reading this book. The author is narrating real life incidents in her life and each story gives us a moral. She will describe all the places in all the stories and her observations which took the readers to think creatively and imagine the scenes. In other words I can say we can identify the simplicity of Mrs.Sudha Murthy by reading the book.
Every day is a learning day for each and every one. I was so impressed by one of the stories the old man sees Indian Rupee and says that its just piece of paper. I was touched by it if every one thinks like that there will not be corruption, selfish. There will be healthy and happy relation ships. Some of the events are humorous like people try to boast them selves, act smart but careless, which we encounter in day to day.
Some of the chapters are heart touching makes you to cry and I thank god for my present situation. She also talks about why woman should be economically independent and literate and how it helps her in the society. The realistic stories start from Honesty, Humility and Humanity to different tribes and social issues. How a beggar changes one of her friend’s life, how the state rank boy honestly sends Rs300 back to her. The stories not only with good narration but also with in built feelings that makes author to feel each and every story. These are the milestone lessons of author’s own experiences.
I can say that this book is must and worth read and to have in your book shelf. If you buy this book, royalty amount goes to charities. In fact I am interested in gifting the book. I feel that it’s worth. I am extremely impressed with the book , some of the incidents are even come across in my life. I can give 5 out of 5 rating for this book.


Ram said...

It was worth reading

pavankumar said...

yes i felt the same by reading this interesting point is even i was gifted with the book from my friend.And i gifted this to my mother.