April 26, 2010

Training in Hyderabad for SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010

Solid Quality Mentors,India Launches Public Training in Hyderabad for SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010. Join Microsoft MVPs Pinal Dave of SQL Authority.com and Joy Rathnayake for the real-world information you need to get the most from your SQL Server and SharePoint implementations.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization & Performance Tuning (Pinal Dave—May 12-14, 2010)
This intensive, 3-day course gives attendees an in-depth look at query optimization and performance tuning in SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Designed to prepare SQL Server developers and administrators for a transition to SQL Server 2005 or 2008, the course covers best practices for a variety of essential tasks for maximizing performance.

SharePoint 2010 (Joy Rathnayake—May 10-11, 2010)

This comprehensive 2-day workshop—featuring five hands-on labs—begins with an overview of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 environment and its underlying components. Day 1 focuses on SharePoint for the ITPro, showing you how to create and extend SharePoint Web Applications, work with content databases, manage authentication, manage sites, and much more. Day 2, focusing on development on the SharePoint Server 2010 platform, discusses the various solutions and code modules that developers can use to enhance SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionality.

The fee for the SQL course is INR 14,000/person for the whole 3-day convention.AND INR 11,000/person for SharePoint 2010. At the rate of 1 USD = 44 INR, this fee converts to less than USD 300. At this rate, it is totally possible to fly from anywhere from the world to India and take the training and still save handsome pocket money. It would be even better if you register using the discount code “MUGH“, for you will instantly get an INR 3000 discount, reducing the total cost of the training to INR 11,000/person for whole 3 days course, INR 8000 per person for whole 2days course. This is a onetime offer and will not be available in the future. This offer is exclusively for the MUGH members only.
Fees & Registration
SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization &Perf Tuning: Rs. 14,000
per participant
Day 1: Strengthening the Basics & SQL Server 2005/2008 Features
• Subqueries, Ranking Functions, Joins, and Set Operations
• Table Expressions
• SQL Server 2008 Enhancements

Day 2: Query Optimization & Performance Tuning, Part 1
• Logical Query Processing
• Query Tuning
• Introduction to the Query Processor
• Common Query-Coding Practices that Cause Poor Performance

Day 3: Query Optimization & Performance Tuning, Part 2
• SQL Server Indexing and Index Maintenance
• Plan Guides, Query Hints, UDFs, and Computed Columns
• SQL Server Execution Plans
• Real-World Index & Optimization Tips

SharePoint 2010: Rs. 11,000
per participant

Day 1: SharePoint 2010 Introduction and ITPro Overview
• SharePoint 2010 Introduction and New Features
• Working with SharePoint Web Applications and Sites
• Hands-on Lab: Creating a New Web Application, Site Collections, Configuring Navigation, and More
• Understanding and Configuring Workflow Services, Search, and Disaster Recovery
• Hands-on Lab: Out-of-the Box Workflows, Search & Indexing, and Backup & Restore
• Understanding SharePoint Designer 2010
• Hands-on Lab: Lists and Libraries, External Content Types, and Workflow Designer

Day 2: SharePoint 2010 Developer Overview
• Overview of SharePoint Development
• Developing Web Parts
• Hands-on Lab: Developing a Web Part using LINQ to SharePoint
• Understanding Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
• Hands-on Lab: Creating an External Content Type and Retrieving Data from SQL through BCS

• Comprehensive hands-on training
• 1:1 computers
• A/C class rooms with LCD projector
• Printed course materials
• Lunch and Tea provided

To register, contact:
Solid Quality India Pvt. Ltd.
Mangesh Pawar

Phone: (O) 022-4090-7376 | (M) 95940-43399 | (F) 022-4090-7379
MPawar@SolidQ.com or IndiaInfo@SolidQ.com

Please note that there is service tax of 10.2% for each participant fee

The Venue
Timings 10am-6pm
Training Center
Abridge Solutions, #90/B/C/3/1,
Ganesh GHR & MSY Plaza,
Vittalrao Nagar,
Near Image Hospital,
Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500 081.

Some of the feedback
“With his real-world experience in query tuning, Pinal uncovered some T-SQL query tuning myths that were very important and effective to know… With his excellent demos, he proved most of the tips to improve query performance were wrong. Thanks!”

“Pinal has extensive knowledge in his teaching materials and actual business implementation in real-life environments. The course is very interactive, which is a plus.”

“I was delighted with Joy’s presentation and technical skills.”

“The training was very helpful. The way Joy involved all of us was really commendable… he made it really interesting.”

How is it benificial for MUGH Members
Note: The participants who are registered only from MUGH has chance to win Windows 7 DVDs, MCTS Vouchers, T-Shirts and Goodies as free apart from Rs3000 discount per course per person.
This is the high quality training and your amount will be returned if you are not satisfied with the training.I know that SharePoint 2010, SQLServer 2008 is now hot in the market, as the software boom is coming again,this can be good opportunity to learn and update technology for a very reasonable cost.


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