March 21, 2010

5th – Hyderabad chapter Initiation

We had 5th Pillar member event in Hyderabad and plan for the activities in local chapter on 20th March 2010 at Madhapur, near HitechCity. I met Vijay Anand founder of 5th pillar at TEDXHitechCity and expressed my interest on patriotism and social activities. The idea that came to us now turns into action, now we are in final steps of forming Hyderabad chapter and its activities. The event has started by Guru and followed by the session on RTI by DR.Satya Prasad. We also planned for some of the initiations and formations towards hyderabad chapter.

What is 5th Pillar?
Legislation, Government, Politicians & Media are the four pillars of the society. Then what is the 5th pillar. 5th pillar is we, the citizens of India. This is Non-Profit Service oriented organization that helps the citizens of India and common man to solve the day to day problems. Now the bribe is the issue we are facing at each and every level of India. The ultimate aim to produce corrupt free India and encourage every citizen to feel the social responsibility, that in turn helpful for the growth of the country.
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Where to start creative measures?
First of all know the rules. We do not know the exact rules and even some of the government officials do not know the right rules. Most of us do not know the rules or things and blame every one. When you follow some rules in office or home why do not you follow the same outside? Even the officials are not aware of the rules some times. So it is always good to know the rules and know the right information.
I have seen many people even educated; misusing public property. Do you throw wrappers at home? Or office why do you do that outside? Why do you do that in public places .We need to practice some of the social cultures like cleanliness, treating public property as if private property?
We need to start corrective, measures .As a responsible citizen of India you need to feel that social responsibility and act according to your conscious.
Utilize RTI (Right to Information Act).
This act has come in the year 2005 to check corruption. Citizens of India gain access to the information which helps promoting good governance. Each department has PIO Public Information Officer of the relevant department to provide you the right information.
If roads in your colony is not good, if power supply or street lights are not available, if there is water problem in your locality then you can make use of the RTI and 5th pillar and initiate the necessary steps and get things done. Public authority is anyone who works for people and utilizes public money. That can be Corporates, NGOs or Government. You have the right to ask and get things done. Gujarat is the state that is used RTI very effectively and doing a good job to the society.
RTI for central government :
State Government:
If you are facing problems with credit card bills and unnecessary payments or harassments, please contact banking ombudsman they will certainly help you.
You can refer the site
For local queries and disputes you can write to
Are we happy As Indians? To some extent yes. To the extent of ourselves but not to the extent of larger community. Our systems are well defined and they are perfect. We have such a nice constitution. But implementation is not good. If you are willing to join 5th pillar or to lead /volenteer 5th pillar in your local chapter please feel free to contact me. A Social group has been created at Anyone can join and utilize the services and get the information from approvals for constructing a house to procedures to file IT Returns.
AIM : To create corrupt free media and to create corrupt free India. Let us all give our hands for a noble cause. Remember there are lot of de-motivations and people discourage you to do all these things and once you prove what you are none can stop you.
Thanks to Pavan Moka from ORACLE Corp for helping organizing the event.

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