July 06, 2008

MVP Hat-rick

This is the third year that I am getting MVP award continuously.
I thank Microsoft for recognizing me as Technology Leader and encouraging me to serve the community. Recently when I spoke in TCS I have taken an awareness session on MVP. People are thinking that MVP is a certification and I get a lot of mails saying that what is an MVP and how to become MVP?

What is an MVP?
MVPs are not the employers of MS. They may work independently or for a company or own a company .Their volunteer contribution towards technology is considered and in recognition to such contributions MicroSoft award each individuals.

This is a single year award. Once you get this award all the previous year contributions will not be counted for next MVP valuation.
Your profile and contributions will be monitored through out the year based on that next year ward will be renewed/retired. That means you got MVP and after getting MVP if you are not done any contributions such as maintaining User Group, speaking engagements, technical discussion etc, then your award will be retired for next year.
You need to influence the people and motivate them value of sharing knowledge for the community. Simple MOTTO - Share the knowledge in turn it will double for you.

MVP Myths:
1. MVP is a worldwide award given by MS and its not any certification from MS.
2. Your certifications might add value to the profile. But it’s not mandatory that you need to be a certified professional for getting MVP award.
3. Your experience is not a big criterion for MVP. Even a student who is able to explore the technical talents and serve the community technically can get it. He/She need to be above 18 years old.


As an MVP you will get world wide recognition proving your identity that you are one among all.
MSDN subscription for a year will be awarded apart from $150 for purchasing in e-Company store.
MVP academy courses , mvp private news groups, MVP open days, MVP monthly chat , MVP technical forums and MVP Global summit are the some of the events for the mvp community to grow technically.
Believe me becoming an MVP will add more value to you and enjoying all these benefits will definitely make you sky heights

A few years ago when there was no MVP program in India and neighboring countries at that time, we had to participate for years altogether to be invited as part of the MVP program. And even then, we did all the community work without expecting an MVP award. Knowledge, exposure, and recognition were a good enough award then. It took one of the senior MVP to three years of newsgroup participation to get an invite to the program and even that was unexpected.

We have increased in numbers hundredfold in South Asia now. I congratulate all new MVPs and renewed MVPs.

You don't need to write any certification for getting MVP; however it will always be added advantage having certification.
This is worth more than your MCSD, MCAD, MCTS or any other.
It's international recognition from Microsoft for your community contributions.
All those who have passion for the technology, can only become MVPs.
Anyone who has passion eligible for the award?
How can I be an MVP?
Simple answer is Do your best for the community. Leaders make more Leaders.
All the best for MVP grabbing MVP award!!! For the tech geeks and tech enthusiasts.


vijay said...


arun said...

ongratz hima bindu.
Could you post how you became an MVP this year. What were your activities.
Just curious.

Gaurav said...

First of all I congrates you to become an MVP.
I am curious to know your activities too.
Secondly, I want to share some words with you, I have started my second blog just after seeing your blog. I wann to be an MVP. Can you tell me the way...?

At last but not the leat, I want your guidelines for my research I have done M.Phill(Comp.Sc.) and working as a Sr. Software Engineer in an MNC at Noida and doinga research on MicroSoft Technologies.

For all that I will send you a separate mail.

Hope you will help me.

Gaurav Arora

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Congrats Hima! Also, I would really like to appreciate you for elaborating on the MVP program dispelling the various myths that people hold on it like 'whether it is a certification' and all those things.

Shiva said...

Hi Hema,
This is Shiva.I'm planning to get MVP. it'd be great if i know the process, and what needs to be done in Detail.

Advancs Thanks.


HimaBindu Vejella said...

If you are planning you can never.
But if you keep on contributing to the community with out expecting then MVP reaches you .That's how I/We achieved .When I first got this I am not even aware of what is this award.

Boligarla said...

Hi HimaBindhu,

Congratulations. I have been reading your blogs and some of your replies to the questions posted by the folks. I am glad to meet you in person during CTD session yesteday (01/24/2010).


Boligarla said...

Hi HimaBindhu,

Congratulations. I have been reading your blogs and some of your replies to the questions posted by the folks. I am glad to meet you in person during CTD session yesteday (01/24/2010).