January 30, 2010

Days pass ....Only memories Cherish

What is an MVP?

Last week, I have attended ASIA Pacific MVP OpenDay 2010 at Microsoft IDC. It happened from 20th January to 23rd January. I have not overcome that MVP hangver yet. I couldn’t attend last year MVP Summit that happened on Nov 2008. This time I was able to make it no matter how busy am I. No doubt it’s enthralling experience to meet all techie experts, build contacts and relationships with him. I checked in the hotel ISTA on 20th January and the event started, with the IT PRO round table by Ravi Sankar. He shared some of the interesting stuff of providing more details to Indian Communities, use of Technet.in and also noted feedback from MVPs, what we are expecting and being community leader, feedback from communities. The next round table was Developer Round table by Stuti Shukla. This is more interactive and intresting session where she divided us into 5 groups and gave 3 topics and asked to present on any one of the topic.

The topics are
1. Top5 Challenges faced by individual developers & How Microsoft should address them
2. How Microsoft most effectively address Application Development needs of the small and medium organizations in India.
3. Winning Microsoft against Open Source in the web application space.

Where I got the chance to meet new friends these are my team members Vic, Subhodh, Abhishek Joshi, Gaurav, Neeraj Bhatt and Amit Bansal. We have chosen the first topic. We were able to coordinate well and present top 5 points out of so many we figured in the 15 minutes time frame given to us. No doubt every team presented the best. But out our team we won the first prize. Hope Microsoft got valuable feedback from MVPs that would be really useful once it’s implemented. Finally the Day 1 evening ended with fun games where we were asked to construct a bridge with some logics and rules. Then we have 'graveyard' sessions in the night where these sessions are optional to attend. We were discussing all the useful and general stuff.

Day2 – Highlights
After the busy day and staying late nights, we were like rushing to go to Microsoft IDC. Soon after the windows 7 round table, we reached MS IDC from ISTA for Srini Koppulu’s Key note. He spoke about various new releases of Microsoft projects, sales and services on Microsoft new Products likewin7,Bing, Xbox, MS Office, Unified communications, Exchange server, SqlServer 2008. MVPs from other counties and states are much impressed with MS campus and buildings; they feel that it resembles Redmond Microsoft campus. He patiently answered all of our questions.

This was my question?
Bing is a serious challenger to Google. No doubt in it. But it don’t over come Google the market?, what are the key focus areas you are going to improve in terms of making bing equally competent enough with Google. For this Srini answered that presently they are working on that issue as concentrating U.S. Market and after some time it will spread Indian market too.

Abhishek Kanth(MVP Lead), Hima Vejella (.NET RockStar), Srini Koppula (Microsoft IDC Founder), Vijay K. Malhotra(Localization Expert), AnandKhanse(Windows Club)

Then we had a quick group photo and jumped into Technical sessions. I attend session on AppFabric Caching by Abid, It was good , followed by Lisa Feigenbaum session on Visual 2010. She showed twitter analyzer demo that is awesome. Next I had long chat and discussion with Lisa on VS2010 product feedback that is really good. She has taken the feedback given by us. Then we have gone to Golkonda Fort for a tour, our ancient fort. After that dinner, ramp up and the day was over.

ASP.NET & C# MVPs giving Feedback to LISA

We have Office 2010 round table, followed by Rajiv’s Key note, technical sessions and product team round tables. This is one of the things I like and feel that it’s useful. We had nice chalk talk with VS 2010 product team and gave direct feedback to them on the product. Then we had one media ready session though I didn’t understand the session objective. I was expecting more from this session like things to know how to write for our favorite magazine? We had party at the night, followed by dinner.

Day4 - Comes to end
Not known how it has ended. Such a great tech event. We too had sessions on this day. We had videos and demos too. Below pic shows my video presenting to all MVPS.

Hima Vejella's MVP Video presenting to all MVPs

I just left before the lunch as I need to prepare for Community Tech Days(CTD). When I went to CTD I came to know that I won Windows mobile 6.5 as the 2nd highest grabbing Karma Points.

Some of the general discussions we had
1. Why people are working constantly with computer? When sessions are going .It happens in U.S. too.
Most of the MVPs have their own businesses and they are business man. So every one minute is valuable for them. We can do multitasking. It’s not that we are insulting speaker. It’s all geeky culture, where you see people constantly working on their laptops even while going to cafeteria.
2. Why people are thinking Email as instant messenger and want to reply the moment they see an Email? And expect the email reply as same.
May be we are habituated to it.
Not everyone can become it. If you can dream it, you can become it. If you can think it you can achieve it. You will not get opportunities around you .You have to find opportunities.
How do people get time to blog?
It’s not they get time. They are finding time .Where there is a will there is a way. If you have passion and interest you can organize our time.

People who are getting busy they are very busy. People who are idle they are still idle
If you are growing day by day, definitely you will face some political challenges around you. You should also be ready to face them.
You have Bing as default search engine as home page in IE 8, but do you have IE 8 as default browser?

Jacob Sebastian(XML&SQL Expert), Hima Vejella, Minal&Supritim Agarwal(.NET Curry), Vikram, Vijay(MSIGEEK), Pinal(SqlBlogAuthority)
Some of the sessions are like very low level 200 sessions. Being MVPS we already know some of the stuff delivered in sessions. We are expecting high quality sessions in near future.
I can say that it’s one of the most memorable and unforgettable event which I am able to meet some of the great people. One thing that makes me happy is I am able to meet the people in the elite community, build contacts and successful relationships with them. We had lot of fun enjoyed each and every minute of the event technically.Hope to see you all soon.

Action Items:
I feel that I am like a web page in MSDN. I am trying to be more Professional,Optimist,Matured and still a lot to learn.

MVP Global Summit 2007

What is an MVP?

More pictures can be seen here

.NET Technology from Hima's Pen


AnandK said...

The MVP Open Day was truly an amazing experience, very well organized and it was a real pleasure meeting all the MVPs :)

Pinal Dave said...


Great report. It was super pleasure to meet you. My family still remembers you.

Kind Regards,

SHYAM LAL.T. said...

hello hima

let me share my views on one topic you raised. Regarding the use of laptops at technical session, I am one of the MVP attended the session and i find it quite embrassing to see most of the people on cyberworld even the key person behind the Microsoft IDC is delevering keynote. Why could not the techies live a normal life like any other person and just listen to the words of the person who is delivering a speach.

Why could not you people raise your facce from the laptop and look in to the eyes of thee human being in front of you. I am a technical faculty and conducting more than 50 seminars for differient organizations and spending almost 8 hours in my training organization in class rooms. I could not tolerate a person attending a cell phone or texting to his cell ....let it aprt the laptop...May be i am an old fashoned guy ..i dont know ...No body is doing a business in that laptops i am sure , they are just tweeting and chatting ..........if the persons are so busy with the work , they can atleast move to the back seat so that the speaker will not be that offended. It will be fine for a round table session but will be really annoying for a key not or seminar..........

Let the mind be in-charge than the machines.

Vijaya Kadiyala said...

It seems like you had lot of new things from MVP Open Day....

Vasu said...

Even i have a draft in my Live writer... aahh dint got time to complete it up.. urs wwas nice...and congo for the phone. You donated it for Haiti Victims ?

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Shyam! I could understand your view. But I don't find anything wrong in that. You are not disturbing any one. Only thing is you may not be able to 100% concentrate on sessions.
What if there is an urgent email that is to be sent?

HimaBindu Vejella said...

@Vijay .We MISS You
@Pinal Thank you for the compliments. Say Hi to Sahivi and Nupur.

Anil Kumar Pandey said...

After reading this.... I wish I was there, but unfortunately I wasn't.
I missed those moments... but no problem you have covered all the details for MVPS's like us..

Thank You...

Boligarla said...

Hi Himabindhu,

First of all let me congratulate your team for wining the first prize.
Thanks for sharing the details and memories during ASIA Pacific MVP Opend Day 2010. These kind of blogs will help the people like me who has not attended the session or non MVPs.