February 16, 2010

Acer beTouch E101 - Smart Phone Review

Dimensions 113 x 56 x 12.8mm
Manufactured Nov 2009
MRP INR 12,700
Processor Speed 1 GHz
Weight 118gm
Touch Screen 3.2 inches TFT
OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
CPU Qualcomm MSM 7225 528 MHz processor

I have won Windows Mobile 6.5 Acer E101 in South Asia MVP open day Summit contest. I started using this smart phone just wanted to share the review with all of you. You can get this in eBay for Rs 9999 with one year warranty support. Slim, beautiful look and feel is excellent and esthetics is awesome. One of the good options I like is call recording facility.

Acer be Touch E101 comes with a 3.2-inch WQVGA touch display, 2-megapixel camera and A-GPS. There is slot for external memory card support. We can charge battery of the smart phone from USB, flexible to recharge in the car. There is option for MicroSoft office availability from smart phone. Flexibility of Touch scroll wheel a good option to navigate and switch for options. The sound and music qualities are good.

Areas to Improve
1.The caller voice suddenly becomes slow down when another call comes i.e. for call waiting.
2.To reach the call from phone to blue tooth headset its taking 5-7 seconds.
3.The option to update the phonebook with new number or storing multiple numbers for same contact is not user friendly. It’s really annoying to save it as new contact option or edit existing contact to store the contact name’s another number. There is no option to assigning different number to existing contact directly when a call received from existing contacts another new number.

4.There is short cut option to close all processes today screen or main screen to improve performance of the smart phone. But it would have been good if they can kill the processes as and when we close them, Similar to how it happens in desktop or laptop out of the box. I am not sure why this option is not improved from windows mobile 3.1.
5.There is no WIFI support and FM Radio in this smart phone.
6.It would have been good if they would have made the caller photo in the contacts much bigger than current size. I feel that the screen is bigger but the picture of the caller is displaying very very small. They would have made use of the entire space instead of showing picture only in the corner.
7.After receiving call and having conversation, mute button accidentally touches to ear and it‘s really annoying the other call will not hear the voice.
8.Sent SMS text messages are stored in inbox even though there is sent items folder. It would have been good if they can store in sent items.The battery life disappoints me, even though no multimedia stuff is used, it’s not up to the user manual instructions.
9.It would have been good if the PDF and flash software comes in built.
10.Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 does not support managing SMS messages from computer.

I have used windows mobile 3.1 in the year 2003. Since then, I didn’t find any improvement in performance in the next versions of windows mobile. As the proverb says “something that is beautiful, don’t function perfect and something that is work perfectly will not be beautiful”. It applies to the product, though it’s having good looking User Interface, performance wise not that much impressive. Video recording and pictures quality is good but not extra ordinary.

Finally I can conclude that ACER E101 is not too impressive even though looks eye-catching, sadly when you try to use it lack of many user friendly features are missing. It definitely better than the previous versions of windows mobile, but I can say that my over all experience is O.K. I can give average rating for the overall product.

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