January 24, 2010

Community TechDays at Hyderabad

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I would say that CTD at Hyderabad is success as we can see huge crowd more than 250 for the sessions. Though most of them are dev crowd every one stayed till the end of the event. What the passion the techies have on the technology!!

Harish Ranganathan was organizer for the event, came and helped in clearing the security check and having spot registrations.

Event started with my session on VS2010 Web Development Enhancements. The response was pretty good and with lots of very good questions during the session, after the session and also during the lunch. I was very happy that I would able to make it though I was busy at the MVP open day for the past three days .Yes. It was a very busy week for me. I explained the features on VS2010 spoke on ASPNET4 features and covered ASPNET4 demos and chart control. You might have noticed the excellent features on VS2010.

Arun's session was cool! WCF,WCF,WCF …everyone knows basics but don't really know how to use it in real time. We might struck in developing day to day apps incorporates, its worth for every one for attending the session.

Hariveer Singh, Program Manager at Microsoft gave cool demos on VS2010 LAB Management, which is going to be released soon. This is the instant feedback from audience for the product - Excellent and worth product.

Most of the people are from DEV crowd, I could see their interest in attending IT PRO sessions too.

Muqeet spoke on IIS 7.5 and SEO Tool KIT, where he got questions from DEV audience. The quality of the questions we got from Hyderabad UG is a lot improved and I really like the way they are interested and enthusiastic in learning advanced technology and technology changes.

Though we have continuous sessions without breaks, being last session, DEV audience Vijay made audience to sit and listen to his session through his interactive presentation.

Finally I can say that made the event success and that made professionals to reach what they are expecting.

Some of you have asked me what is an MVP? How to become? And all .. I already blogged about it 2 years ago. Those who are interested in MVP details can find here
What is an MVP?

Thanks to Harish Ranganathan for successfully co coordinating and helping in making event success.

Here is link for MUGH group to spread the word

Please find my presentation uploaded here


Saad Sharif said...

well said, I really enjoyed the sessions and moreover the way u people explained, that was fantastic. Eagerly waiting to attend more such events

Saikrishna Alladi said...

Great Event hima,
i enjoyed lot and lots of new concepts...

finally i am interesting such kinds of session like Sql Server 2008 and Share Point

Ritesh said...

It was an overall sucess and was one event which I can say had a holistic approach for all tech savies/geeks as it had something out of everything for someone out of everyone DEVs/testers/ITpros.

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Sure Sai!
In fact we are planning and we couldn't get speaker for SQL and .NET4 core part. You can expect event in March and these kind of sessions.
for SQL sessions you can attend live broadcast here on 30th january

Kumar said...

Its our pleasure to be there to know more about the technology. We couldn't have been got such useful information just in a day if we couldn't able to
attend the MEET.

Vijay said...

It was great being at the Hyderbad CTD. I enjoyed the event! The events and the sessions were really good. Hope, my session was good too!


Saikrishna Alladi said...

great... n thank u very much hima..!!

Pranav said...

CTD @ Hyderabad really rocked!
All the sessions are enlightening and informatory.

Vj's session is not only interactive but most fun-filled session of the Event. :)
I enjoyed it a lot.

Awaiting for the next CTD...

Vijay said...

Highlights of the Hyderabad Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD) and my Slidedeck : http://msigeek.com/?p=2244

Uday said...

How to attend these sessions?

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Uday just register to
and join, you will be notified about all event notifications.
Let me know if you need further

Vamsi said...

Hello Hima,

I convey my thanks to every one who has presented the sessions.I would
like to attend more on WCF,VS 2010 Sessions..Please arrange more
sesions on above mentioned topics..

Can you please share CTD ppt;s ??
Thanks once again.


HimaBindu Vejella said...

Thanks Vamshi. Once I uploaded I will share the URL in the blog.


hi madam your blog is good .i am vejella aravind . i want to know some data from you . so, please send me messaga