January 31, 2010

TEDX HiTech City - Inspiring Personality Development Event

I just came from TEDX event that happened at ISB Gachibowli, Hyderabad and I can say that it’s an amazing event, where I got the chance to meet all eminent speakers and inspiring achievers in the industry. The whole event is so exciting and encouraging young professionals, entrepreneurs to come with new and innovative ideas. The seed of an idea, flourishes, grown and how it became TED. It’s all about great ideas from eminent achievers.

Yes .TED is the place to share new Ideas together and encourage the talented people. There is no age limit to attend the event. There are school kids, students, IT Professionals, CEOs and celebrities as attendees. Indian School of Business (ISB) entrance itself looks aesthetic. It has plenty of place and beautiful trees around. While I was searching for Khemka auditorium building, I just said Hi to a person and we introduced each other, exchanged our cards, after some conversation I came to know that he was one of the speaker, who is also a scientist at ISRO and also worked for NASA. Such a simple and down to earth man. He is none other than who took us a tour to the moon, Mr. Syed Maqbool spent 20 years of his life in Ahmadabad.
I completed my registration and entered into Khemka auditorium. The event started with Smitha Madhav’s dance performance and continued by Bala Subramanian, Kanna, Muzeeb and Sarth’s sessions. I felt like first five sessions were O.K. kind of thing, not too much impressive. Then we have inspiring session from Nagesh , how he made the film ‘Hyderabad Blues’ and become success in his career. After this we had very very inspiring professional presentation from Karuna, so optimist takes problems as challenges and still believes that those are the causes of her success. She says business cannot succeed in a city that fails. Well managed cities make pollution free environment. Well governed cities have good health. Well planned cities can make everything for us. We have mechanisms, processes and law but we never implement it. As a citizen it is each one of us responsibility to follow and plan which in turn causes individual growth. She is 100% right.
Then we have Deepak Menon, Group Design Manager at Microsoft IDC , who introduced “Ribbon” UI in Office 2007. Prior to join Micro Soft he was working for Google on the applications like Google Talk, Google Doc, Google Maps, Google Map Maker, Google Video and Gmail. He gave impressive and interesting demos and presentation on how experiences define products?
Soon after the lunch sessions are getting more lively and improving quality. I liked Dr.Neeraj Raj’s idea who spoke on E-Learning idea into Health care domain, followed by Sarat Chandra, young dynamic entrepreneur who graduated from IIT and IIM, believes that kids don’t learn from pen and paper and we need to have practical implementation in our education system. He introduced a new way of teaching kids such as learning about numbers or nutrition facts with games and puzzles. After the session he was surrounded by so many people asking all sorts of questions and showing their interest to work with him. Stay Hungry!! Stay Foolish!! After attending Kanthi Kannan session on Right to Walk gives not only to make city pedestrian friendly but also how walking is good for our health. Jyotirmaya Sharma gave excellent lecture on DemoCracy.
We have session on End Corruption from www.piller.com, where they distributed zero rupee notes as a show case to fight against corruption. I got a chance to meet Nadendla Manohar who is Deputy speaker and MLA from our constituency (Tenali, my native place) spoke how young people are responsible for the growth of nation. It’s we that encouraging corruption. Anyone know that you don’t need to pay anything to get a Birth Certificate and you need to pay only Rs50 for thathkal if at all you need it urgently and it take 24 hours time to verify and get. I never know the fact , we paid money at Kukatpally office to get my Kid’s Birth certificate, even though we have all the proofs. The thing is to know the law and implement things. Vasudeva Varma showed excellent thoughts in presentation and video demos on Silky Computing. His research in the era of Speech synthesis and Text to Speech and speech conversion is excellent. Indic language support conversion tool, if you type or speak in Hindi it, converts to Telugu as text or speech. Raja Shekhar’s heart of living and his vision on 2050 is impressive. Plant the tree; it will save your health”. If we don’t protect our environment we have to admit the fact that, our kids has to show a tree from a museum saying that it’s tree to their children. If we do not take this as serious issue and start protecting environment we will be seeing more natural calamities in the near future. Last session ended by melodious poems from Iqbal Patni .
Tedx invited star Chaitanya, who is 17 years old boy running independent non-profit organization, who gave a chance to speak on the stage. He runs an organisation named PASSIONATE (www.passionatefoundation.org) which he founded when he was in grade 12. Passionate is working on the involvement of Youth into community service and Youth Led change I really appreciate Chaitanya; I was seriously sitting in the room and preparing for my EAMCET exam when I was 17 years. Every one stood up and clapped as respecting Chaitanya’s Achievement.
As the proverb says – Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. After attending and listening all these aspiring real life stories, I admit that we need to be # 1 in our field with dedication and spirit. Then success comes to you. There is lot of hard work and time required to achieve the same.
It would have been good if speakers had chance to present on the topic for some more time as every speaker is like rushing to complete the presentation and none cannot cover all the things in 15 minutes.
Finally I can say that TEDEXHitechcity is great success. I thank the event Organizers and Volunteers working really hard for making event success. Everything was well organized on time. Food served was delicious. It’s very inspiring and personality development event worth for Rs 1000.


Krishna Sajja said...

I had also attended this event. Your article is good.. Nicely concluded.. Hmm..I am also from Tenali...
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Krishna Sajja

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Nice fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

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I really missed something...seems to have been a terrific event!!More power to people like these who are constantly striving to transform the quality of life!

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What a great resource!

Varun said...

Thanks for the blog and the feedback. :-)

TEDxHitechCity Volunteer.

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I recently visited your blog. It is a very interesting one. Keep it up.