December 15, 2009

SEO ToolKit

SEOSearch Engine Optimization is the technique for improving the volume of traffic to a webpage/website from search engines like BING, GOOGLE via "natural" or un-paid mechanisms.

Here is intresting tool KIt from ISS Team based on search engine rules
SEO Tool KIT is free and helps in increasing traffic and users to our website that results in increasing page hits. It helps in analyzing search engine rankings and optimizing results as per search engine rules. This inturn useful for getting content in the first page by Search engines.

IIS SEO Tool KIT includes 3 components
1. Robots Exclusion
2. Site analysis
3. Site Maps and Site Map Indexes

SEO Tool KIT Features
  • Built on Complex query engine and hence fully Customizable to improve page ranking or page hit.
  • Detailed analysis on how search engine’s reaches content
  • Discovers common problems in site content and structure.
  • It instructs if any broken links
  • Download content and parses them for the analysis report
  • Easy to trouble shoot SEO problem and fix it.
  • This tool crawls and analyzes the report just like normal search engine.

    How it works and what SEO tool kit do technically?
    SEO Tool KIT Crawlers request all pages of given websites, down loads content parses and in 2-3 seconds it displays all violations, type of violation and recommendations.

    Site Analysis:

    This is best practice for webmasters and website managers to analyze site pages.
    It really helps in organizing content when lot of pages are there in the website or as website growing.

    When we run Site analysis, crawler requests all pages of websites .It downloads pages and content ,analyzes ,gives report of violations (if any). Report contains violation level as Warning/Error, violation category as SEO/Content. When we click on each link gives violation details. You can in turn go to related details of page to investigate what exactly is the issue of violation.

    1. Violations
    We can examine each of below things in detail in violations
    Violation Summary
    Pages with most violations
    Violation Categories
    Violation Level

    Click on any violation->Word Analysis -> in Site analysis : It scans document for each single word with help of word analysis in the webpage.It tells how many times word is used, so it gives better analysis and suggestion which term to be used . We can do analysis on 2word/ 3word/ 4 word phrases. If the text is not relevant it helps in identifying or suggesting which text to be used. Details of each violation and solution like recommendation to do action are given. cool na.

    2.Content: -> Host Summary >Here we can view all external server or hosts that are linking to your site.
    Right click on page ->View routes helps in finding links that point to current page. (like rss) .
    Duplicate Pages: Duplicating of internal pages, title of the pages, duplicate description, duplicate keywords, and duplicate content can be tracked.
    Analysis of how many times particular link is used based on particular title content, which content link has maximum clicks etc possible. We can change coteant as per the analysis and eliminate duplicate pages or links accordingly.

    If the page is taking long time to load then search engine ranks that page as low.
    Using Site Analysis performance report of the each page, each directory can be analyzed. It gives the time web page is taking to load ,and for which page loading takes long time.

    It helps all different routes like rises feed linking to this page.
    We can always track the history of previous site analysis and use it for tracking.
    Helps in finding who is linking to our site, including internal, external pages all linked to the website can be seen. We can see which page is mostly viewed /linked.
    Usually search engine identifies all content by unique URL. Otherwise search engine splits the ranking. Site Analysis helps in identifying if content is served with different URLs.

    Site analysis->Summary-> Directory Summary in Site analysis gives Directory Summary of all pages, how many pages in each directory, clicks on each directory, gives details of each directory and each page status errors can be reported for all pages including external.

    Site analysis->Summary-> Content Type Summary If the same page accessed with two different urls one eith lower case and one with upper case these type of issues will come under this category.
    Site analysis->Summary-> Status Code Summary gives details of violations related to status code.

    Querying: We can run query on Site analysis with some condition or group by Content type. This query can be saved for future purposes. It internally saved in xml format.
    1. Takes maximum of 5 minutes to download
    2. Works well with any web server
    3. You can run your website analysis report
    4. Helps to identify common SEO problems and fix them
    5. it’s very important for websites to work along with search engine.

    Get it free now on clicking install button.

    You need to have Microsoft WebPlatFormInstaller to install SEO tool Kit
    Microsoft Web Platform installer.
    Excellent tool for SEO, to get maximum hits from Search Engines

    Scott Gu presenting on SEO Tool KIT in Swedon - Click Here

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