January 22, 2010

Live blogging from MVP OpenDay

I am blogging this in the discussion with Visual Studio Product Group. Good interactive disucssion on VS2010 feedback

I was all these days attending MVP Open Day at MS IDC happening in Jan 20th 2009 to Jan 23rd 2009.

What is an MVP?

Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC) is one of Microsoft’s largest development centers outside the headquarters in Redmond. Set up in 1998 by Srini Koppolu, Corporate Vice-President & Managing Director, along with a group of 20 people, MSIDC has grown over the last 11 years to 1500 plus employees.

Microsoft India Development Center is a major player in Microsoft’s strategy of global shared development where teams across geographies collaborate effectively to build great software. Major components of flagship products such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been engineered here. Innovative work by MSIDC has led to the filing of more than 272 patents for Microsoft Corporation in the past five years.

MSIDC works on more than 20 focus areas around six key domains aligned to Microsoft lines of business. These domains are Data, Tools, Mobile, Windows®, Windows Live™ and Business Applications (Biz Apps).

The MVP Open Day is a three day invitation-only event that is hosted at MSIDC. The event will feature a roster of keynotes and deep dive technical sessions delivered by experts from the product group as well as a variety of social networking opportunities to enable MVPs to network and socialize with their technical peers, build new relationships with Microsoft Development Centre teams, and share real world feedback. This is a great opportunity for MVPs to connect with each other; with Microsoft Development Centre, and visiting Redmond Product Group as well as MVP team staff.

The MVP Open Day is an exclusive event for Asia Pacific & Greater China MVPs. MVPs from the 3 regions – Australia & New Zealand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia will be attending the Meet in Hyderabad, India, from 20th Jan to 23rd Jan 2010.

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