June 11, 2010

The art of XSD – Book Review got published in simple-talk

The art of XSD is the book that is written by Mr. Jacob Sebastian MVP, XML and SQL Expert , who is one of my close friend. This book was gifted to me by Jacob at South Asia MVP Open Day. It was a big surprize for Jacob when he saw this review published in Simple-Talk.

After reading that book I felt that technically it is a very good book, for each one of us to learn XML. I was showing this book to some of my team members and came to know that they do not know that there is such a book. Then I thought that writing a good review will help the book to become popular. Simple-Talk publishers are kind enough to publish it and I thank Chris Massey for his comments on my review and made me to write a terrific review that got me excellent feedback. If you are not an XML expert then you should have this book. There are other books about XSD, but this is the one for SQL Server DBAs should and must read it.

If you get a chance please go through the book, and XML Schema creation and validations are well explained in the book.
You can read the complete review here
If you'd like To add “The Art of XSD” to your reference arsenal, the paperback is available from Amazon. Alternatively, if you'd like download a PDF version of the book, or read more of the details about the book, please go here to see The Art of XSD on Simple-Talk.
Simple talk is the famous and #1 publishers and they accept technically very high quality articles. I feel proud to have my profile over there.And as of now the article has got 5/5 ratings out of 22 votes with some nice comments.


tujesalam said...

Book seem to easy to read. Thanks for posting this,

tujesalam said...

Content in the book is simple to read. Thanks for posting this.