June 08, 2010

PHP Interoperability using Windows AZURE –Article published in PC Quest

I am very happy to share the news that my article titled “PHP Interoperability using Windows AZURE” has published in PC Quest.
I have written the article around last week of March, literally I have spent considerable amount of time, at least took 3 weeks (not full) of time to expose the technology and write it.
I am thrilled when I heard that PC-Quest is interested in publishing the article of mine. While I was in college I was a very big fan of the magazine, but never expected that one day I will also write for such a #1 technology magazine.
My article got some editorial review and finally accepted by them with some subtle changes, when it is re-edited and sent to them, I came to know that they are going to publish it for JUNE edition.
I have the option to use my company name as well to publish, and I utilized it.
Finally when I could see my article published in PC-Quest along with my company name and I am very much excited to see it online.
PC Quest Article by Hima vejella

PCQuest Article on PHP Interoperability using Windows Azure

It was a big surprise for my husband when he sees my name in the magazine, as he was not known that I have written an article and it got published. When I asked him to get me PC-Quest he was like inquired in 2-3 book stalls and finally he could buy it in Ameerpet. I thank my family for each and every support and encouragement while I was spending their personal time on my laptop.
Let me know your comments and questions, and Feedback. Read it in the JUNE 2010 edition in page 138.
Here is the link to online version



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