April 15, 2010

TECH-ED India 2010

Tech-ED India 2010 is the awesome,enthralling experience meeting all of the industry experts and at the same time updating the technology. “TechED 2010 is the most awaited technology conclave in India for developers, IT professionals and technology/business decision makers and will bring together over 50,000of the best technical minds from nearly 100 towns and cities in the country.”

I attended TechED-India 2010, Bangalore from April 12th to April 14th At Lalit Ashok Bangalore.I was selected as speaker at Community Track to present at TECH-ED India hence I got free entry to Tech-ED. This will be my first presentation at Tech-ED India. I was literally working day and night these days to fulfill my personal and professional commitments. Now I have got some-time now to blog about the entire event, so that I can share my experience as well.

Tech'ed 2010 Panelists

I felt that Hotel Lalit is too costly Rs 8000 per day + taxes, so I stayed at Amar-Comforts as their fares are reasonable enough and very close to venue and I get free access to WIFI. Thanks to Ashwin Kini Regional Chairman - APAC, GITCA (Global Board) for making my accommodation smooth even though I confirmed about my arrival in the last minute. I reached the hotel on Sunday and all set to attend the conference. On 12th of April I was at the venue on time, as we have separate counter for Speakers the registration process went well. I met all of my MVP friends over there. We have got first 2 rows reserved for us speakers, so entry was smooth for us.

Hima Vejella Presenting at Tech'ED 2010

I am extremely delighted by Soma’s Key note on the very first day, launching VS2010 RTM officially from April 12th and Silverlight4. As I have explored on VS2010, I am impressed with the demo how VS2010 supports Windows 7 and to develop windows 7 applications.
There are exhibitor stalls where they are conducting quizzes, and code contests and giving goodies for the winners. We can visit them when we get time. I participated in some of them and won some gifts in Mind Tree and Accenture, Telerik Stalls.
MVPs are exclusively invited for lunch with Somasegar, Senior Vice Presedent Microsoft, It is my pleasure to sit beside him and have lunch during TECH-ED.I met Soma very first time at Redmond Microsoft Campus,we were memorising those incidents. He was so humble as ususal and answered all my questions.
himabindu vejella with Somasegar
During lunch with Soma  :Hima Vejella,Somasegar Sr.Vice President Dev division , Abhishek Baxi, Mannan

The very first day I had to speak on session
Panel Discussion: Harness the power of Web – SEO and Technical Blogging
Date: April 12, 2010 Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm
The session with lots of tricks and tips about SEO and Technical Blogging from various Industry Technical Blogging Experts.

The SEO Web Panel at Tech'ed 2010

The session concentrated on
  • Learn tips to how to maximize your website?
  • How to get relevant traffic? What are the Things to avoid get traffic to your site.
  • Does back-linking works etc?

    Hima Vejella at Speakar Lounge

    We got lot of questions and the panel discussion was awesome and the discussion really went well and I enjoyed each and every moment of it. Infact as it was the last session, it got extended till one Hour.


    After the session we have spoke for VS2010 Video for Global Website. Then Abhishek asked us to speak in our regional languages, I spoke in my mother-tongue Telugu about Tech-ED. I will share the video once it is uploaded in global website. Whereas all the other speakers spoke in Marati, Gujarathi, Konkini, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. We had exclusive discussion on community and influencing community and how to get them updated on the technology. We had community meet for all the UG Leads with Sanjay Shetty(Regional Director, Microsoft for Mumbai) before the speaker dinner. This was a productive discussion.

    Hima Vejella with Sajay Shetty (INETA, APAC Chairman)at Community Chalk Talk

    All the speakers are invited for the dinner. It was very special dinner where I had chat with Cloud Computing expert Jonny he likes to be called(Janaki Ram) a famous speaker in the industry.
    After the Day 2 keynote we were rushing towards sessions. Apart from networking with all immense experts from Microsoft and My MVP Friends, I attended the sessions on security, F#, SharePoint 2010, MVC in VS2010, .NET4 Core features.
    I was accidentally interviewed by Pandu on 13th of April which broad-caste live at tech-ED India site.If you would have watched Tech-ED India live broadcasting you might have watched my video live..As I need to catch my flight, I left the venue at 4:30 PM and I missed MVC session. I met Vinod Unny, Microsoft Regional Director for Asia Pacific at this tech-ED conference. I felt that I miss the event.

    Hima Vejella & Pinal Kumar Dave at the Speaker Lounge
    I missed the dinner parties with Infragistics and Telerik teams that were given to MVPs on 13th and 14th of April.
    I have got VS2010 Resource KIT along with hands on lab, that in turn help me to explore more on the technology.
    I can say that this is superb event and I felt that each and every minute in the event is worth.

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