February 04, 2010

MUGH February UG Meet

We had UG meet yesterday and 20 turned up out of 58 registrations. As the capacity of the training room is 16, we are happy about the number. Though its working day and announced just before one day, it’s good that you people turned and I am the event organizer who made it happened.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the other side of the indexes session, how to provide simple solutions to ancient problems. I can say it as smart solutions to complex problems. Even I learned how effectively we can apply indexes and optimize query performance.

Select * or Select columns which one faster?

UG Meet action Items:
Blog about what you learned so that others who missed can know about it.
Share the knowledge; it will in turn help you to grow by your self.
When I started blogging, at that time, less writers more readers,now we have more readers and more writers. Be active in the community.
We decided to have UG meet bimonthly.

Thanks to Pinal, the Speaker, though he is busy when I asked him for the Sql Session, he made it happended, Harish Ranganthan for his time for arranging the venue.

I hope you enjoyed my recent series of articles on VS2010. Visual Studio team liked them and I got excellent feedback for these articles. Thanks for all of your support and taking time to read them. Now they are featured on MSDN blog.

This makes me happier and contributes more for the community.

Pinal has nice post on this.You can find it here


Saad Sharif said...

but ma'am the MUGH website isn't showing ny updates...how and where can i get d details frm MUGH??

Ronnie said...

Thanks Hima, I've been following your blog for a while. I am based in Maryland, USA. Originally from Chennai. Thanks for sharing.

Saikrishna Alladi said...

Hi hima,
this is saikrishna.. the session was wonderful, pinal gave a wonderful presentation on indexes, we enjoyed lot through out the session

HimaBindu Vejella said...

You can consider my blog as MUGH site. Just subscribe to my blog
or join in mugh user group to get tech related updates.
You can subscribe to my blog by

here is link

Anonymous said...

Well I assent to but I about the collection should prepare more info then it has.

Vijaya Kadiyala said...

well done hima garu. There is somuch to learn from you on .Net...

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Thanks VJ .And now you have turned as sql Expert