June 17, 2008

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Support

This is added in ASP.NET 3.5 version as part of asp.net extensions.
That means when you install VS2008 you get all in built templates.
In order to work with dynamic data support you need to install a separate plug in to get dynamic data website template.
In order to get this template download and install
ASP.Net future extensions. This will install
ADO.NET entity framework 1.0 And ASP.NET 3.5 extensions CTP.

This enables us to build data driven web-sites that work against a LINQ to SQL object model or Entity Framework data model that allows us to this without having to build any pages manually.

The DetailsView and GridView controls have been improved to display fields by using templates instead of by using hard-coded rules that are programmed using traditional approach. These templates are part of the project, and we can customize them to change their appearance or to specify controls they use for rendering. This saves a lot of time and maintenance is also very easy. Dynamic Data will then automatically build the UI for these controls based on the templates that we specify.

Validation is also improved in the controls too. The controls read metadata for a LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework data model and provide automatic validation based on the model. For example, if a column in the database is limited to 50 characters, and if a column is marked as not nullable, a RequiredFieldValidator control is automatically enabled for the column.


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