February 28, 2010

Cloud Camp - Hyderabad

What is Cloud Computing
Cloud Camp is a un-conference where the sessions are unplanned before the event. The audience participates actively in the sessions for the agenda and speaking. You may not come prepared for the conference sessions and it is the participants who make the event live. The cloud camp first started in the year 2008.

I was at the venue IIIT, Gachibowli by 5:30 PM. The registration and entry has been very easy and didn’t take more than 2 minutes at the registration desk. IT Professionals , CEOs, Developers from different technologies have attended the event.
We have got half an hour time to networking with each other and exchange our business cards.

It started by Sidharth Sehgal with thanking everyone behind the scenes for making the event happen.The first session on cloud computing by Ramesh Mandava from HexaGrid gave an abstract of what is cloud computing and how can organizations benefit from it.
Rest of the event organized by Dave Nielsen where we asked several questions on Cloud computing which was answered by people working on cloud computing.
I am summarizing some of the questions and abstract of what I have learnt.

Hima vejella with cloud camp Founder
Hima Vejella with Cloud Camp Founder, Dave Niealsen

What is cloud computing?
Everything under the cloud... For a layman cloud is used as metaphor for internet. It improves scalability, and cut the cost,easy to maintain. Cloud Computing helps to develop, deploy and run applications that can be scalable (easily grow capacity), work faster (performance) and reliable (secure).Activate the environment whenever you need them and make retire when you don’t need. So you will only pay for what you eat and need. You can minimize the maintenance cost overhead in the traditional approach. This provides cost effective solutions for enterprise key demands. It is a grid of computers even if one fails the other one always ready to operate. It is a dynamic clustor where the load balance is done automatically.

Hima vejella at cloud camp
Cloud computing is web service interface to Operating System Virtualization.
I am running Linux in my data center, in cloud words can be termed as "I am running a private cloud".

SASS- Software AS A Service ex: Salesforce.com & GMail
PASS- Platform AS A Service ex: Force.com, MicroSoft Azure, Google App Engine (GAE), Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Virtual Images. It is a Grid for Developers to host their application code.
IASS- Infrastructure AS A Service ex: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Rack space, Right Scale, VM Ware, IBM BlueHouse, Hexa Grid. This is Virually Infinite computing resources where Loadbalancing is done automatically
These are the fixed assets at Cloud Computing Vendor and the Capacity depends on the vendor.

Don’t get confused with Virtualization. It is subset of cloud computing
Grid Computing can be termed as a form of distributed computing

Disadvantages of datacenters
Datacenters have myriad of computers to solve the problem.
This form of computing lacks automation, agility, simplicity & SLA guarantees.

We formed as groups and professionals from different back grounds and technologies argued, talked, geeked, techied and fought on topics like what is cloud computing?
I suggested a topic on interoperability; performance and security on the cloud where I am supposed to lead the team, interested people on the topic joined my team. We need to come to conclusion in 45 minites.

cloud camp attendees at International Business School

These are some of the topics we learnt.

• How do you create a private Cloud?
• Virtualization inside Cloud Computing .
• Interoperability on the cloud, Security, Performance on the cloud.
• How a private cloud is different than data center?
• How Cloud computing different than virtualization?
• What is S3 – Simple Storage Service?``
• How private cloud different from data center?

Cloud Camp Hyderabad Attendees
The attendees for Cloud Camp Hyderabad

1.Get and create the account at cloud computing vendor
2.You can create instance that has specific configuration using cloud computing vendor account
3.You can also create reserved templates and activate them whenever you require.
4.All your data is encrypted and secured, and if you want your data to be more secured, create a private cloud in your own data center. Cloud Computing runs on the top of the VM ware.
5.Amazon uses Zen and Microsoft uses Hyper-v for virtualization.

It is the ability to provide service or resource on demand, scalable and pay per what you use.

Cloud Computing Tip
• When you are moving data to the cloud move data first
Finally I can say that it is good event where we stayed till 10:30 to attend second track sessions too. I thank the organizers Dave and Sudhakar for making Cloud camp Hyderabad success.

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