January 07, 2010

VS2010 - The application cannot start

Today I came to know one more Tip on VS2010 IDE
I am working on VS2010 and trying to perform some operations, code fast all of sudden I got black screen saying that
"The application cannot start".

Immediately I ran devenv/ resetsettings. But this didn't work.
I have VS2005 and VS 2010 installed side by side in my system.
Thanks to Visual Studio blog for the solution.

Since I have two IDEs running side by side, this issue might be due to importing a non-true Type font from of Visual Studio 2005.

go to command prompt and run "devenv /resetuserdata".
This worked for me in Beta2.
Microsoft acknowledges that this bug has been fixed in RTM


Matt said...

I had the same issue. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, patching etc. Nothing.

Your fix worked perfectly.


HimaBindu Vejella said...

I am glad that it worked for you.
You are welcome