December 01, 2009

Virtual TechDays (Dec 3rd & 4th)

Virtual Techdays are back again .This time there is a specialty where MS is conducting it in regional languages Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada.

Details here

So I am going to present a Session on “A web developer’s journey across different versions of ASP.NET"

So, catch you there at Virtual TechDays :)

You need not be present to attend the session, you can attend the sessions from home or office or any where if you have Windows live meeting installed.
The purpose of the VTD in regional languages is to educate the people who are technically good and may not understand if explained in English.
People who are intrested also can attend as you will gain some knowledge in advanced technologies.

There are also exciting prizes to be win for the attandees .
All the best !!!

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