November 30, 2009

VS 2010 IDE Enhancements

1. Code Intellisence has improved a lot in VS2010. How? In What way?
The moment you type a particular word, internally it searches for the related events, methods and properties and gets all of them related.

Here is an example

After the GridView.sort it gets all the events, methods and properties that are related to GrdiView. This is termed as “Code- Intellisence”.

2. As per the coding standards we make Member names as PascalCasing. Pascal Case intellisence is supported in VS2010. SelectRow as SR
This eliminates more key board strokes hence saves developers time.

For Example in the screen shot below, SR gets all the short cuts related to SR.

This is applied to both VB and C#.
Once you start using the IDE you will really love it and gets familiar to it.
Give a Warm Welcome to VS2010 and .NET Framework 4.0

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