February 18, 2008

Heros to Happen -Quiz Contest Winner

Have you ever heard about Heros to Happen Contest?
I came to know about it while surfing and I just participated in the quiz on oneday.
To my surprize, I got a mail from Microsoft that I was winner for the daily quiz contest on that day.(27/1/2008) After a week I got a certificate for participating in Heros to Happen contest and a NiKE gift vocher worth Rs 1000 for winning the quiz.

But Some of the suggetions that need to be considered are:
Many people(even MVPs) are not aware of this contest but actually it was very good concept that has nice goodies.
Even after I posted my story I never got communication from the Heroes to Happen team
saying that my story was published.


Anonymous said...

Thik aahye amma bhiyo kuch milyao cha tankhe budhayo 1000 rupiya jityao ta kuch ta party dinda ki na
jaldi budhayo tawhan je intejar me matlab party je --- Web Design India


Saran said...