February 17, 2008

Bar camp ! @ Google

I attended bar camp on 16th of February @ google campus Hyderabad.
I was little late and entered into the office @ 11:00 .There was no much time that's taken for registration.Simply they have given my registration number by checking ID proof. They arranged in Canteen and the people who came for the bar camp
are more than 300 and most of them are IIIT students .It was a good turn up compared to other bar camps.

I enjoyed the session Lighting the Web by M.S.V. Janaki Ram(Jonny).
It mainly concentrated on Silverlight and its usage .He also explained about collaboration of developers and designers with the help of MS Expression web, XAML ,Silverlight and Visual Studio.I really liked his demo that was on Google maps using Silverlight that shows movie trailers upon selecting movie theaters in Hyderabad.
The next session is Amit’s Session. Though we know each other I never met him before.
He was cool and simple. He travlled all the way from Agra to Hyderabad to attend barcamp. Thanks a lot AmitA few things about Amit (MVP) ,he blogs at labonol.org .He was a pure techie guy when he started his carrier and later he quitted his JOB and became a professional blogger and now he is blogging all the time 24x7
He talked about how to build a successful blog, online Plagiarism, Originality of content, adsense, Page Rank .All these things are definitely useful for bloggers.

Kavitha Vemuri’s Session is about Women in Entrepreneur ship. This really helps in how to be mature enough in one’s views about fellow women employees.
The next 2 sessions were very bored and one of them looks like promoting or marketing their social networking website. The next session was related to Web2.0 technology and Purple Bytes and how it works? After this we had nice lunch and got our goodies. It was a nice day spending time at bar camp. When will be the next one?

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Arula said...

dude, i also attended the barcamp this time and it was awesome. Its my first time at a barcamp and the google campus was simply amazing.
I really liked the talk by Saifi on Open source development model. It was very much inspiring.
Though many sessions were boring, i liked the others.