June 28, 2007


It’s really inspiring ,non-profit website that is created by Abhi .This site is very much useful for Hyderabad ,a city in India. We have no traffic sense as we always tempted to overtake the other. It’s now easy to report traffic violators through this site.

For me most irritating violators are auto riders and cab riders. We can just enter the registration number of the violating vehicle along with other details if we know.
Otherwise we can enter other details later. If many members are reporting about the same vehicle his/her name would be in Top Topic violators report. Website looks really professional with good look and feel, color combination.
There is also discussion forum feature available to discuss on the accidents or traffic violation issues.

It would be good if we can able to post articles under articles section
that might be related to our traffic experiences / tips while driving etc
Let’s! all promote this site and do something for our selves. Please pass this information to your friends so that it would be helpful for the social cause.

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Abhishek Kant said...

thanks a lot for your kind words. check out the newest feature on trafficviolators.com - send traffic violation registration no. by SMS :)
check out the details on the site and a host of how to videos.