June 27, 2007

Get what you need from what you don't need

Have you ever heard about Trading on unused things?
Here is good site named SwitchPlanet.com for exchanging things.

The idea is if I have a DVD /CD/ Book that is no longer used by me and I am also planning to buy a videogame that is useful for me. Here is a site that helps in exchanging the unused good that is CD/ DVD/Book with others for a free of cost. Well this is actually very good idea and helps the people in getting what they need from what they don’t need. You will be assigned 'switchbucs' when you send something to the switchplanet member .Switchbucs are virtual currency used to facilitate the switches .These switchbucs helps in receiving something from other member.

They have the option called ‘SwitchFunds’ that is really doing a good job. Instead of paying the transaction fee the members can donate the money /Books according to their choice. You and me can donate to the following charity organizations.

American Red Cross
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
The Nature Conservancy
American Cancer Society
Child's Play Charity

I appreciate the founder of switchplanet for his great idea that helps the needy people. I also appreciate his willingness to donate the money to established foundations. Please continue the good work and go ahead!!

As of now there is provision to switch between 4 categories. It would be good if more categories are added to the site. Site color combination is attractive and design, site look and feel is flexible to user.

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