June 09, 2007

Search Engine Optimization

Think of the most interesting and challenging thing that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Just google about SEO optimization that gets us number of sites related to that. But it would be get if we have direct interaction with experts and get used to some tricks and tips to optimize search engine . In order to improve number of hits to the site, here is an event called “MegaSnipper”. This is workshop that is going to be held on 19th of July at the Oregon Convention Centre, Portland, Oregon. This is one day workshop and the speakers are Garry Egan and Scott Handison top ranking experts in SEO professionals. This workshop gives us to learn techniques and tips to gain number one search engine rankings even for novice level. The topics that are going to be covered are:

1. Submitting sites to search engines
2. ORGANIC Search Engine Processes
3. How To improve popularity of blog or site
4. Pay per click development
5. Implement probable RSS feeds
6. How to include keyword search
7. Writing quality SEO content

All this is helpful for business people and blog owners. So Hurry up! Your bookings. The seats are limited. The registration will cater for lunch and afternoon meals, lectures and labs. Workbooks and materials are provided by the organizers. This workshop will definitely help you making your site worldwide popular .All the best for those who are attending .
Here is the link for Mega Snipper

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