June 06, 2007

MVP OpenDay @Hyderabad

I thought of bogging about my experience on MVP Open Days Hyderabad.
This was one of the events that I was curiously waiting to attend and meet our MVP lead Abhishek. It was an enjoyable day along with 15 mvps in different streams and some discussion on technology especially related to windows lives Services. Most of the MVPs expressed that there is lot of confusion in changing naming convention as each time product upgrades . After watching the movie ,we went to Pizza hut for lunch. Soon after the lunch we had technical discussion with Harish ,Abhishek and all MVPs .I was not aware of sending feedbacks and how the process happens internally after the feedback is sent. This is explained by Abhishek.
He has also played the Sean’s message for MVP OpenDay

Evening we went for bowling. I couldn’t stay for more time there. Totally it was an unforgettable experience .Thanks to Microsoft.

You can see some pictures here

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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

The scheduled MVP meet at Chennai was an interesting thing with only two MVPs (Naresh and Me); the reason behind it was on a Sunday evening.

I have just explained it over here.