November 30, 2006

DEVCON-2006 A Great Success

This is the event that MUGH planning from the past 3 months
and finally we rocked it. This is a first event for me after becoming
CORE member of MUGH. It was good. Happy to be one of the organizers (Anjana,Arun,Anand,Sasi,Sudhakar,Hima) of
the event.
By the time I went to MS campus there was a HUGE Q .People were standing out side the gate for registration.
We got 350-400 professionals and students are not allowed for the event.
All the sessions went on well.
Even audiences are ready to stay back till 7:30
People were saying the enthusiasm shown by MUGH is great. We are happy to hear such words.
I thank all the audience and speakers, organizers who has spent their valuable time for this.

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