March 21, 2011

ASP.NET Performance Tip4 - while using ajax updatepanel

If you have multiple update panels in web page, make sure that you put updatemode for update panel to ”Conditional” to prevent loading of other update panels in any asynchronous post back.

By default update panel will have the updatemode property to always means if any asynchronous pushback is done  for any of the update panel it loads all the update panels in the page.  This is against to partial post back rendering.

So it is always a best practice to set updatemode  property to conditional to optimize update panel performance wise and to load best results.

To observe this observe Trace  the Requests and Responses using httpwatchpreofessional 5.2


banthi said...

than Q. It helped me.

SNK said...

I mentioned updatemode to "conditional" for update panel but even now also total page post back is going my code is

Label outside the Update Panel Refreshed at:

Label within the Update Panel Refreshed at: