August 31, 2010

Working with Silverlight 4 – Applications

This blog post focuses on how to get started with Silverlight project and installation of Silverlight4 templates to Visual Studio 2010 RC. This covers the required installation steps and prerequisites to work for a Silverlight 4 project. Step by step procedure of installation of Silverlight development Kit is explained. So Read on…

Once you install VS2010 , you can get started with Silverlight application.

Navigate to the  File menu in VS2010 - > New Project-> Silverlight-> Silverlight Application .

Silverlight- project

Give meaningful name of the Silverlight project. Once the name is given, you need to create a website to host Silverlight application.

select-project Type-2

You can select the project type as Web Application, Web Site or ASP.NET MVC project to host the newly created Silverlight application.

You can work with Silverlight3 using VS2010 by default.  You need to Install Silverlight SDK to work on latest version of silverlight  ie (SL4)

SilverLight3 -dropdown - VS2010

To create SL4 app, VS2010 requires installing Silverlight4_Tools.exe .


This installation includes

· Silverlight 4

· Silverligh4 Development KIT


· KB976272, which is a supplement to MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2010

After you agree terms and conditions software check and system requirements are fine, then you will be redirected to the following step.


Click on finish once the installation is done.

After the installation is successful, Open VS2010 and create new Silverlight project, now you can see Silverlight4 in dropdown and the additional project templates that are installed.


You can notice that SL4 business applications and WCF RIA Services are now newly added templates.


It will not take more than 30 minutes to download and install these Silverlight4 tools.

Silverlight4-project host

Note: Now there is an option to enable WCF RIA Services.

You need to have silverlight4 in order for the Silverlight4 application to run and show its rich UI.  It can be downloaded and installed in just 2 minutes on this official MS site


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