June 16, 2010

Hyderabad Population crosses one Crore in number

Recent population census shows that the Hyderabad population has grown tremendously especially from the past 9 years. People migrate to Hyderabad for education, jobs, to earn and most of them settled here and I am no exception. As the population and the cost of leaving grow we can see all the unwanted things in the city.

But from the past 9 years it has changed a lot and the real estate boom in the year 2006 has gone to the peak stage which may not come back again. To accommodate all these people apartments are built and the trees are being cut. This is causing environment to destroy in turn natural calamities are happening. As we are growing day by day year by year, the heat increases a lot in the summer and all those past cool days are gone. Now the situation of common man is such that they cannot come out without Air Conditioner (A.C.). I intended to blog this post, as a citizen of India, being true Hyderabad if I bring awareness in at least 100 people and if 10 people implements out of 100 also that is fine. We need to ban plastic which is very harmful to health and environment.
We need to plant trees as and
  • when we achieve something like

  • when you pass the examination plant a tree,

  • when you get the job plant a tree,

  • when you get a hike one more.

  • As we are constructing a house now soon after it is done we will be planting so many in the house and in front of the house. Everyone knows the importance of plants and trees but none have the time to do it or else space to do it.

    We are technical, professional but we do not exercise or care about our health, neither breaths fresh air nor drink fresh water not sure about the food. Due to which the life span of the human being is getting reduced. In olden days people used to live at least 90 years. Now it is difficult till 50 years. In this polluted city at least let-us try to do our best to plant and motivate to plant trees!

    Plant a tree it saves life!!!

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