June 12, 2010

Add your Full Name to Office 2010

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Generally if you use names or places the dictionary in office will not recognize it. When you check for spelling and if automatic spell check is enabled it is an error until you press ignore all. Now you can avoid all these stuff in Office 2010,you can also add your name to the office custom dictionary and you will be notified once the custom dictionary is updated. That document you need to add in place of custom dictionary. However if you do not want your existing custom dictionary to overwrite, then you can rename it and upload the new one.
Here is how you configure the custom dictionary
File -> Options-> Proofing->Custom Dictionary

Custom dictionaries adding in office 2010

You can also add other language spell checks without updating language packs provided you have customdic.doc.

Add your name to custom dictionary

Please click on the followinglink to add your name to the custom dictionary.

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