January 06, 2010

Incremental Search in Visual Studio I DE

Have you ever used Incremental search in Visual Studio. If not just try it.
Incremental Search is a feature in VS 2010 to search for particular term or keyword in the current document. Here the search is driven by key strokes as it allows you to type for the search term, with out interacting UI.
You can do incremental search by navigating to Edit->Advanced->Incremental Search or
Press Ctrl+I. Start typing the text you are searching for. You'll see the cursor jump to the first match, highlighting the same search string:
Pressing ESC or clicking on mouse will stop the incremental search.
The searched term appears in find box as well.
Press Shift+Ctrl+I to navigate to previous.

Happy Coding

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Anonymous said...

Micorosof is showcasing features that exists since ages.Just check emacs editor from GNU or firefox,chrome browsers.