December 07, 2009

.NET Nuke Vs SharePoint

Dotnet Nuke --Open source. It’s a website creation tool that makes our job easy .This is developed using ASP.NET .NET nuke is recommended for small applications like personal website, for the applications where we can minimize the cost .Developer’s develope .Net Nuke Module .

A Person with little or no IT experience means a novice can work directly on it.

Share Point-- Need to have to buy license from Microsoft
It’s collaboration tool. Portal .MOSS 2007 also ASP.NET application that runs on top of ASP.NET 2.0. It uses HTTP Modules and HTTP Handlers as the application. Sql Server stores all ASPX Pages.You can extend Share Point or create workflow related applications or WSPs using Visual Studio IDE. Using Share Point you can extend an existing application to another web application so that information can be shared. Each application can have its own authentication mechanism. Share point applications are good for enterprise applications .Enterprises can create central application framework using Share Point Developers Develop Web Parts .An hands on experienced guy is required. If you need tight integration with MS Office, document library with version control or work flow enabled application, share point is the only choice.
At a Glance

.NET Nuke SharePoint
Open SourceNeed License
Need IIS ,Vistual Studio to develop and .Net nuke installationNeed
Windows Server 2003/2008, Visual Studio, .NETramework, WSS ,SPS and Sharepoint
WebSite Creation ToolColloboration Portal
Used for developing .NET Nuke ModulesUsed for Developing Webparts
A smart guy with no IT experience can work on itExperience is
required to develope or work on sharepoint
Good for Content based  or static or personal web applications (Can
manage the content)
Good for enterprize applications where we can collborate
the team in the portal
We can have anonymous access or forms authenticationWe can have
windows or Forms authentication
Workflow application developement  is not  possible
Workflow application developement  is possible
Document Management, Check in ,Check out, Version control is a limitation
Document Management, Check in ,Check out, Version control is in built
DNN Skins make the user to design layout of the page , can get good look and
feel, easy to customize a skin
Uses themes in WSS /Custom CSS Files in SPS
No Singlesign on ,Enterprize searchSinlge sign on and Enterprize

Finally to choose, it depends on our requirement, if your application needs tight integration to MS Office, that should allow version control, uses Excel Services and Business Intelligence, Collaborate your team at single place then Share Point would be right choice. If you cannot afford so much cost and application is related to content or SEO, like static, personal websites then you can go for .NET Nuke

Ps: the Term “Share Point “here refer to SPS and WSS


Anonymous said...

Here are some corrections...

#1 You dont need licence for WSS 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation Server (WSS 4.0). It uses your Windows Server Licence instead.

#2 With solution provided by Bamboo solutions, we can install WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 on Vista. WSS 4.0 can be installed on Vista / Win 7.

#3 Its not just for developing webparts... SharePoint as you said is a collaboration portal. There are many advantages of it. WebParts are just 1 tiny part of it.

#4 You don't need experience to use SharePoint. It requires basic Web usage experience.

#5 We can have Anonymous access also on SharePoint.

Overall, its just another ASP.NET 2.0 application with more functionalities and power.

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Client feels easy with Nuke than MOSS donno why? Wee need to give KT to him if its related to MOSS than nuke so my point of view developing/using nuke is easy than MOSS. Anyway it depends on person to person

HimaBindu Vejella said...

It's not said that its only used for develeoping webparts .
The post is just comparising .NET Nuke Vs SharePoint so comparitively module in nuke is webpart in sharepoint so its compared in that way.

WSS is free that comes with vista/ windows server. SharePoint server licesne you need .
Yes its just an ASP.NET Application as mentioned in the post

Kevin Parker said...

DotNetNuke is the one of ideally CMS item which is runs in.NET framework/ platform. DotNetNuke provide its extremely basic wizard, by utilizing that one could effortlessly set-up his DNN site.
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