December 28, 2009


MUGH invented in April 1st 2003,as DUNG Dotnet User Group Hyderabad only for .NET peers and later after some time renamed to Microsoft User Group Hyderabad. Hence it’s related to all not only .NET but also all Microsoft Technologies.
We have Sql Server Developers, ASP.NET, C#, VB, Share Point etc.

Big events – MUGH did?

DevCon - 2005
Tech Fest - 2005
SqlWiz - 2005
Code Warriers - 2005
DEVCON - 2006
Community Launch – 2007
UG meets once in a month

Migration from MSN to Google Groups

Initially we used to have this in MSN Groups. But when MSN groups are closed and we migrated from MSN to Google groups. Lots of debates are going on why Microsoft UG using Google groups and all. I don’t want to argue on that. My intention is to alive the community, grow technically and update the technology. After moving to MSN we lost lot of users. Now we have only 400+ members as opposed to previous 4000+ members.

In my recent talk with some of the members, friends and colleagues I came to know that most of the people don’t know that MUGH has migrated to Google Groups.
Let’s again connect to community.
Please join the group for tech related events, meets, updates, announcements and solutions to problems.

Here is link

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kiran said...

Good to know about MUGH. twitter post related to this is useful information. Thanks.