May 13, 2009

Day1 @ Tech-ED Hyderabad at HICC

Yesterday I attended Microsoft Tech Ed India 2009 at HICC.
It has started with a keynote speech delivered by Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft .
I missed the key note and first 2 sessions on .net Framework 4.0 and best practices. Heard that SteveB talked about the economy and the recission. I could attend Dynamic’s session by Harish and IIS 7.5 and Windows server 2008. Both of them are good. I will be blogging about these things in detail. I met fellow MVPs, OLD MVPs and MVPs from other states at community zone. Those who attended can write any number of free certifications during these 3 days at the NIIT test center. There was a contest at Community zone, hunting for community leader. Those who participated got cool prizes, goodies, T-shirts etc. It’s all fun and enjoying beside learning technically at Tech-ED. Let’s enjoy technically tomorrow too... :)

Updating soon with more detials..

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