December 10, 2007

Review on is a site that will pay you for online reviews or blog advertising.
This is a kind of consulting place for advertisers and bloggers.
The more is the page rank of your site the more you get opportunities.
You need to take the opportunities immediately before they disappear.
As the other blogger is ready to take the opportunity you may loose the chances of getting more opportunities. Your blog will receive more campaign offers if it has a higher page rank.

I really like the site very much and I made $ 70 in a month out of it.
If you can take more opportunities you can earn a lot.
If you have taken an opportunity and not yet completed it, you can’t go to take another opportunity.

This is really good feature which help the blogger to complete the pending task.
Unlike payper post they pay you for as and when your post is approved.
Unlike blogger wave they don’t have any negative feedbacks so far.
I only have a suggestion that is they need to improve the look and feel of the site.
If the blogger can able to see the approved task report that would be great.

No doubt smorty is growing. If you are interested in joining please click here

All the best for bloggers

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