November 25, 2007

Dowload VS 2008 Express Edition!

VS2008 Express edition can be downloaded from the following link (uses Siverlight)

With regards to Web Applications, there are lots of new things

1. Nested Master Page Editing Support
2. Java Script Intellisense
3. CSS Selector APIs
4. Few new server controls – List View, Data Pager and Linq Data Source Controls
5. ASP.NET AJAX Built-in to the .NET runtime

In addition to that ASP.NET “Futures” offers the following things. ASP.NET “Futures” might be shipped as an SP1 shortly.

1. Dynamic Data Websites
2. DLR Support
3. Application Services – Search, Site Maps
4. Silverlight Controls like asp:Media, asp:Xaml
5. AJAX Features – History Support for Safari Browser

Note :Framework Multi-targeting applies to both Win form applications as well as Web Applications
AJAX control Tool KIT is now part of Dotnetframework 3.5
To get an overview of whats in it go through this white paper:

You can get summary of each and every feature in Scott's blog

Videos and lessons:

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Is it possible to edit keyname in web.config file during runtime