August 23, 2007

Bloggerwave: Review

Sign up with PPP and they will pay you $7.50 to write about this post.
bloggerwave is a site that pays to the reviews you write for the blogs.

As many websites doesn't pay for the written reviews, I have good experiences with them. They used to pay me immediately after the post has approved. But one thing that they need to improve is they are not having many advertisements as PayPerPost(PPP) or ReviewMe. I think they need to make much marketing for that. Unlike PPP their process of approving the blogs and posts review is faster. We can have blogs in English, Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, French and Spanish!
So Bloggers All the best

1 comment:

Suray said...

Bloggerwave is the worst thing in my life!! Trust me every bloggers all over the world!! The program is suck!! Since the first time I was entering this program until now!! I haven’t been making any money!! This is not make any sense. I’ve finished 3 opportunities, “Bloggerwave”, “Masterseek”, and “Coke Zero” reviews. All of them had approved by Bloggerwave. Later on, my first opportunity “Bloggerwave” is cancelled, then “Masterseek”. I am very confuse, posts that have approved by Bloggerwave can be canceled by them. Be wave with Bloggerwave, this is a new SCAM!! You can check it out at my blog, with those keywords at “review” category.

Bloggerwave, you are damn suck!! Liar!! Damn Liar!! They owe me US$30 and now only US$10. Bloggerwave has canceled the US$20 and has eaten the money for itself.