July 17, 2007

VS 2008

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VS 2008 (Previously code named orcas), along with .NET Framework 3.5 almost a new is going to be released in February 2008 officially. How ever msdn subscribers may get it by the end of the year..NET Framework 3.5 is almost new Framework that comes with Lambda Expressions, Anonymous functions, LINQ, DLINQ etc. 2008 Visual Studio Shell, that allow developers to create and distribute custom tools built on top of Visual Studio. One of the nice feature of Visual Studio 2008 is it supports targeting multiple versions of the Framework. That means VS 2001 used to work with only version 1.0 VS 2003 with Version 1.1 VS 2005 with version 2.0only. But in VS 2008 we have the option of selecting the frame work to choose which if we are not at all using 3.0 framework in our applications we can select Framework as 2.0. And also If we are migrating the project from 2.0 to 3.0 then there will not be much overhead. This is called multi-Targeting support. Stay tuned for the upcoming VS2008.
You can download Beta version from here

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