July 06, 2007

Bidvertiser Review

I am writing this review on Andys’ review about Bidvertiser . Here he has discussed on making some few bucks through bidvertiser as publisher and affiliate. He has also specified about blogs and word press plug-ins that are available in bidvertiser. But he didn’t mention about the below listing things in his review.

1. Bidvertiser places the adds on the blog/site based on geographical location and category but not on the content
2. We need to choose the specific category and sub category to the blog/site at the time of registration. I think they are displaying advertisements related to those categories only.
3. I didn’t see any option for editing these categories .Which means If I specify a category for my blog I am unable to change it in the future.
4. It’s specific to a blog rather than common script that is placed in all the blogs that I own.
5. Their advertisements are not attracting the users compared to goggle advertisements
6. As part of approving/rejecting advertisements we need to check thousands of advertisements in order to approve or reject them. This is lot of time consuming which a publisher may not spend much time. There is no option of selecting all advertisements and approving them.

Based on all above points I personally don’t like bidvertiser. Not only that I have tested the statistics and not at all satisfied with them. And also I don’t see any advertisements related to Bidvertiser in Andy’s blog.I think he removed them now.

In order to compete with google, they need some thing to automatically place the advertisements based on relevant content. The site design should be user friendly and flexible.
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Andy Beard said...

Some good points and I agree with all of them.

You might have noticed that I ran the ads on my site for a month and removed them, and plan to do a followup.

I would say that code specific to a blog in many ways has benefits, because it is easier to prevent and defend yourself from Click Fraud.

I think a lot depends on niche and optimization. The one thing I wasn't happy with was the earnings per click when people did click, though I didn't get enough clicks over a month to give a good average.

p.s. it is a lot easier to use a trackback with the Greasemonkey script I mentioned a couple of times, than post a comment.

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Thanks for the comment.
Even I am not satisfied with them.
So I don't want to waste my space for them. I agree with you that alot depends on optimization and quality content.
I was not knowing about trackback.Sorry for that

PALS said...

Good thing to know that people are reviewing bidvertiser and each one have different opinions. Some are bad and some are good. Goodluck. Keep it up. Money Making and Blogging Tips

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