May 02, 2007

MIX 07 Anouncements

On 30th night I was watching live meeting of MIX07 The key note of Ray Ozzie was amazing.
Scott Gutherie ,the way he presented Demos like Orcas remote debugging on a CLR process running within Firefox on a remote Mac system is astounding. is the SilverlightCommunity Site that has sutpendous information
related to Silverlight. Now we have MS Silverlight 1.1 CTP available,that supports
ASP.NET AJAX, cross-platform debugging, JavaScript, C#, VB, Ruby, Python languages.
As part of Silverlight Services, Silverlight Streaming is a storage and video delivery service .This will make developers and designers to upload their application to Silverlight Streaming and then deliver this application to any website.The alpha version of this is available.
WOW! I can say that MS is going a head with innovative step in new Media
Hat's Off

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Aditya said...

Macromedia is doing this for years with their flash. It is (SilverLight) not called innovation rather evolution of Microsoft's products and technologies.

I'm big Microsoft fan and been working on their technologies for more than 8 years. So do not take my comment negatively, but I personally don't like exagerating new Microsoft products as innovations, without getting into deeper technical analysis of how they are technically innovative.

Aditya.P (