April 21, 2007

Microsoft Silverlight ! Just Released and named after David

I thought of posting on MS Sliverlight in my blog from the day it was released and couldn’t make it to happen as I was a bit busy. By hearing the release of this the first person who came into thought is David. But I didn’t guess or expect that it has been specifically named after him. While I was visiting the site Community-Credit I came to know that it was named after Mr. David Silver Light .He is a Florida .NET developer , who is the president of Community-Credit.com and also http://www.nonprofitways.com/, http://www.dwightbobbleheads.com/, http://www.realtechnologyheros.com/, http://www.xmlpitstop.com/.I was really got surprised. I know him through cc and I never met him until MVP Global Summit 2007.Here is his conversation with BillG

I met David recently at the MVP Summit 2007 . He said that he was searching for me for 3 days at the Summit .On the final day he met me. He also given my January Community-Credit prize ,with Certificate, which I have kept in my drawing room. We talked about Community-Credit and the new sites that are going to be developed . He also blogged about our meet in his blog.

These are the photographs that I have taken with him.

1.Silverlight is the name for WPF/E which is part of dotnet framework 3.0
2.Develpers and designers can work collaboratedly using XAML
3.This will allow cross browser, cross platform plug-in for rich interactive applications on the web.
4.It makes life of webapplication developer and windows mobile developers more convenient

More Details at MIX 2007

Now I feel what if Microsoft names some product like "Hima" or "Vejella" and every one start using it. It's a great privilege. I congratulate David for his passion on technology and achievement.

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