April 30, 2007

Community-Launch 2007

Yesterday we have conducted Community Launch at MS Campus, Hyderabad.
It's Hot Summer, Marriges Season,World Cup Final..Even then we have got enough number of Attendees. This Launch we are planning from past one month and finally its launched and the feedback we have got is simply superb.
This time as Speaker as well as Organizer for the Event. I have presented Session on MOSS 2007 (Beginer Level Session). It's good that people stayed till 7:30 and listened the Session. Thanks for their patience. My sincere thanks to all those who have attended and made the event launch a grand success


Vakul said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the information...if u can post few links for MOSS...it would be gr8 !!!

Thanks a lot for arranging the event. It was so informative, I just love any event organised by ur core team.

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Please find some of the resources here.
Hope this Helps