September 14, 2006

Kerala's inclination towords LINUX

With reference to the link I strongly agree that

It's not good to impose restrictions on one's knowledge. People may think that they are gaining something freely. In fact they are losing the other side which is very important.

As today's children are tomorrow’s professionals, there may be a chance of misguiding them to forcefully learn the technology of government choice, instead of their own choice.

I have been associated with MS technologies from the past 5 years and I even thinks some times with out MS where I would have been? Yes it' true

Always each and every individual have better options and placements, career with MS Technologies compared to the other one.

No doubt students need to learn MS technologies at any cast for the better opportunities. This again would be a waste of time, instead of that it would be better if they take correct decision at correct time.

There are 3 choices
1. Learn technology of their choice or
2. Learn the technology that helps in broader opportunities
3. Learn both linux and MS Technologies.

And my final words are being a MS MVP I strongly oppose Kerala Government for logging out Microsoft. Does it mean that people don't learn MS technologies, no not at all.

Opinion of MVP Lead :

Here is some of the MVPs opinion about this!F162DB18909CE884!257.entry

Let us circulate our opinions and Ready to post comments on this


Deepak Kumar said...

I really liked you comment..

"Today's children or students are tomorrow’s professionals."

Yes its very true.. and in other words we can say..

Furture professional from Kerala woluld be compatible with 'Open Source', cause they are not having choice to choose what is right and learn that.

It's a forced decision. What do you say?? comments and flames both are welcome..

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Exactly Deepak.

One should leave a person to learn or share knowledge of his /her own choice, but not forcibly or blindly to learn what ever they say.

Imagine if a person is very much interested in Engineering and his parents joins him/ in Medical and forced to become a doctor ,how hell the situation would be for him. The same things happens here.

Oh! After reading your statement
‘Future professional from Kerala would be compatible with 'Open Source'’ I am afraid , in future if a person comes to work on MS technologies from Kerala people might hesitate to hire him .

Infact the funniest thing here is people who don’t know what Linux is or what is there in MS Windows are imposing such kind of restrictions like logs out MS.
This is only because of the reason that it's coming as free. And all those are pretty politics and unfortunately the victims are future professionals

arun said...

I won't buy windows at home due to the huge cost of the OS.
So i don't expect schools to buy windows.

Wait till Google come with an OS.

We will see whether u reduce the price of Windows

Anonymous said...

Well Arun,
What do you work on ? Windows OS at Office right? Even if you don't, do you know how Microsoft Windows works? These students will be deprived even that previlage.. This is the issue. Not that YOU can afford or anybody for that matter can afford. Its the need of the hour that students still young, should know all Operating systems, and they should be given equal opportunity so that they can choose what is best for their carrer.
About Google OS, it will be another linux Distro. What difference it makes as ultimately for companies you and I work on will continue to use what we are using, the Windows..
Lets talk sense here, as the issue we are talking about is not the affordability, it is the future of these students.

Bhupendra said...

Hi Hima Bindu.... i really liked your comments.Hima. actually i am trying long back to contact you. becoz.. ver few person r there like you..i am also working in software company and working on,c#. i want your help in some areas so that i can improve my knowledge in peoper way.. hope u dont mind for this.. can u send me your email id.. so that i can write a mail to u.. i am also very much interested for certifications.. but if u help me i will get it very easily

HimaBindu Vejella said...

We are not saying to ban google or linux.Not even we are not encouraging not to promote Open sources. If your choices are google or linux make your own choice. So that choice need to be given to students too to choose their own intrest.

About the cost!
How can I have a food or drink that is very tasty unless I pay rupees..:):) :):

Vadivel said...

Nice post Hima :)

HimaBindu Vejella said...

If a choice is given to choose the technology of their choice I am sure that it majority prefers MS
No doubt in it. Since there are number of opportunities with it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys,for beginners Linux is the best OS,I feel who ever is talking about MS OS,doesnot know much aboout open source benefits.
I also use MS technologies but,i love open source. - Pav

Vipin said...

Hima said:-
"If a choice is given to choose the technology of their choice I am sure that it majority prefers MS No doubt in it. Since there are number of opportunities with it. "

I personally disagree.Number of opportunities in itself doesn't influence which OS one should choose.
Copy of my post on businessweek forum:-

"let me tell you what pulls people to open source development.I had been involved in open source programs like VIM editor,etc and what makes me work there is a sense of community, when a set of 10-15 core developers around the world work on a project across time zones and get the stuff out, it is thrilling.Good thing about linux is that it is just open source, you can rip open the sources and just read,understand,learn the operating system internals in depth.With Windows, there is hit and trial involved in learning the OS internals, but what makes windows interesting is that it is fun to hack a black box.I have hacked couple of things on windows. Personally,I am a windows programmer currently and believe there is more you can earn and there are more opportunities in windows world. That said, I am not asking to junk linux. We need a mix of windows and linux education, so that things which windows doesn't offer can be learnt with linux and viceversa."

Anonymous said...

Those who do not understand UNIX are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
-- Henry Spencer

Its better that those kids learn UNIX/Linux. They can use that knowledge to even program in Windows i future

Arun said...

Here's the thing... You learn linux, you can operate any windoze machine. Learn to program on UNIX, windows will be cakewalk. No organization that I have seen that runs compute intensive jobs on their machines uses windows... (I speak from experience... CAD tools for digital hardware dont even have a windows version. Similarly, structural and mech engineering use linux.) Why? you cannot run it without the overhead of the GUI. I cannot get rid of junk apps/dlls that I dont need. Eg: MS loads IE dlls at startup. If use firefox, I dont need crappy MS IE stuff in memory.

Windows has to be shut down frequenty. There was a case in LA airport where planes could not land for 2 hrs because one of the computers hung - this windows machine had to be rebooted every 30 days or so and someone forgot to do it. UNIX/Linux machines stay on for years.

Finally security. MS is not unsafe just because 98% of all PCs run MS and hence all viruses are written for MS. Yes, that has some truth, but a virus in MS can cause much much more damage than in linux. In linux, the worst a virus can do is to affect the user's data. Nobody logs in as root - if u need to use root privilages, you need to enter root password for that operation. In windows, like in XP, u have a super-user mode and a normal mode. Problem is, by default, the first user is in SU mode. Also, u cant install anything if u are not SU. There is nothing in between and no way of getting su privilages just to install a program. Thus, 99% ppl log in as super user. When a virus attacks, evey file they have is vulnerable.

Microsoft windows is a poorly designed OS. Part of this is its legacy and the need to support old apps. It used to be a single user single threaded OS in a previous life, as DOS. However, to maintain this reverse compatibility, MS chose to ignore basic security principles.

Like I said before... linux is the stepping stone to hi-fi computing. Linux runs on a 486 and also supercomputers. Fat chance seeing M$ run on anything above a low end server.

Anonymous said...

If you are in the computer industry only to earn a living then go learn whatever gets you a job. Make some Gui app/ website ..but dont confuse computer science with Microsoft. The only way to learn is to share knowledge and by looking at code. I totally agree with Arun's last post.

faisalpapa said...

People in India use MS because of piracy. There is not much diffrence in the look and feel of linux now. visit and download the fedora based linux which has a look ad feel of vista. And other versions available are not much different from windows. Any one who can operate linux can operate windows. So it is better to sack Microsoft as they keep fleecing ppl with poorly developed software with lot of bugs which leave our PC vulnerable to hackers.