April 13, 2011

Windows Azure Camp -Hyderabad - Highlights


Though MUGH core was so busy, we made Azure Camp at MS IDC grand success targeting cloud Developers and the professionals planning to move their applications to cloud. The event was happened on Sunday on April 10th at MS IDC. This Camp really helped for the professionals who are not aware of Windows Azure and wanted to develop their applications to the cloud. We have got 35 people as attendees , 41 including speakers.  I feel that its good turn out being hot summer, sunday , IPL match is going on , for a topic like Azure, even we published it just 3 days before the event.

Event was started on time with Shravan‘s session on “Beginning with Windows Azure”. This session mainly focused on what is Windows Azure, Why Windows Azure, What are the various roles, what are the components in it? Why you wanted to migrate to the Windows Azure?

  attnd tables

AppFabric : Helps to connect on-premises applications with Azure cloud services and resources, eases interoperability between users belonging to different domains.

SqlAzure : Is the only relational database that is hosted on the Cloud by Microsoft.

WindowsAzure: Microsoft Cloud Operating system to host your applications on the Cloud.

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After this Azure Development Factory session was done by Arun Koshi from Microsoft Global Delivery team. The session explained about Virtualization, Auto-Scaling, Web Role, Worker Role, Creating Applications in VS2010 and hosting them on the cloud.

After this Jaberson done a DEMO in Azure SDK 1.3 and the new Azure Management Portal and Azure Architecture.

Namit-presenting  Manish

After the lunch we had highly technical session on “Cloud Storage - Windows Azure storage services” by Namit and Rahul Rai. This session clearly explained how azure tables are stored in database and how to use them effectively. This is Very productive and highly technical session.

As Audience got so much stuff in to the memory, to make them live and interactive for the next session, I have asked the questions based on the session topics. They got Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2010 Professional Plus, and MSDN Licenses, Azure Goodies and T-Shirts as they answer the question. I am sure they enjoyed the quiz time and also their goodies.

Hima-Presenting   ORG

Finally we had last session by Manish Sharma from Microsoft. Session is on “Connecting Windows Azure to your Enterprise Network & Applications” the same session was presented in Tech-Ed 2011 Bangalore recently. This is very good opportunity for the people who might have missed Tech-Ed or missed this session at tech-ed .

We also announced about the Windows azure Contest that is going to close by 30th April . If any one of you are interested in participating in the contest details are here.

I would like to thank Mr. Abhishek Community Manager, MS for giving me the responsibility of hosting the event in Hyderabad, Harish Ranganathan for helping me all the way off line in making the event possible, all the speakers for their wonderful sessions and finally the people who attended the event on Sunday.

Hima-contest  DSC04369

Finally the event was gone well. We closed the event by 6:00PM. Here is the feedback

Hi Hima,

    I attended Windows Azure Camp yesterday. The session was very productive. I got a chance to know the thing very clearly. The speakers are very clear. Really thanks for organizing such a nice and productive event. Thanks for the Session.

----- Sudheer Kokirala , Techvedika

  I attended the session on Windows Azure camp. It was very helpful for me in learning the new technology. Thanks for the session. I am planning for a session on Azure at my workplace. so please can you share the slides that are used for the presentations and the contact details of the guys who gave the sessions.

------Naveen Kumar

You can get the presentations from this link

Please download the material from the following link. The link would expire in10 days starting from today (11:06 A.M @ April 12, 2011)

Presentation Deck: https://msgdcloudstorage.blob.core.windows.net/azureboocamp/Windows%20Azure%20Storage.pptx?se=2011-04-21T06%3A31%3A39Z&sr=b&si=readonly&sig=J6XHKFDGcJPxhCLu7LfPrwggICxNsZz92rQt7ZyVqFM%3D

And the event pictures from



Unknown said...

It seems that it was really a nice event.
I am from Ahmadabad,Gujarat.
It was not possible for me to reach Hyderabad, A.P within 3 days from ur event Announcement.
So is it possible that in future u people organize such event and telecast it live on net as a webinar.

It will be very much useful to people like me who cant attend those distance events.

Thank you
Markand P Bhatt

HimaBindu Vejella said...

yes. Its one of the productive events. I am sure that those who attended might have enjoyed. Sorry for announcing it just 3 days before. In future we will make sure that we will announce it at least 15 days prior to the event so that you can always plan. For the live streaming, you can have only for VTD, Community Tech Days. I will also send request about this. But I think on the same day we had boot camps across all the cities in India. Please check with respective city UG Leads

Unknown said...

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