March 05, 2011

ASP.NET Performance Optimization Tips

I would like to write series of tips for my blog readers on ASP.NET Application performance and what kind of tips we need to follow to improve it .We design and develop web applications. Perfect. Works Fine in Development Server. We will not have huge data as we have in production environment in the development environment.

So everything goes well in development , QA Testing , Staging. But when it moves to production common problem is Performance . Each & Every Web Developer struggle to make their applications scalable.  When multiple users accessing the application simultaneously, or if we have larger data from years that has grown in the database what are the precautions we need to take?  General Question that sucks is What are the best practices to improve the performance of the application.? So Read on.. and stay tuned for daily updates

1. Disable View State if not used

2. Disable Session State if not required

3. Use using keyword to define scope for objects dispose

4. Set Updatepanel  updatemode to conditional

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