February 15, 2011

WCF Data Services Toolkit released

The intent of the toolkit is to make it easier to expose arbitrary data sources as OData services. Examples of such data sources might be:
An existing web API XML/CSV file(s)
Data stored within a proprietary software system
The toolkit also makes it easy to mash-up multiple data sources so that creating a "unified model" is possible, regardless how much disparate data you or your customers might have.

This project was created from the needs of our live partner services (e.g. eBay, Netflix, Facebook, Twitpic) and will continue to be iterated on as we discover new scenarios and needs during future partner engagements.
Read the following blog post to get an introduction on how to use the toolkit: Looking forward to seeing what the community does with the toolkit and are of course very open to feedback/suggestions/comments

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