January 19, 2015

Why do you need to run VS in Admin Mode

Limit user account the Best Practice

For the usage of Visual Studio, user permission requirements for Visual Studio vary depending on the operating system and the Visual Studio version. A programmer should work as a limited user with admin access. That is, the programmer should be the admin of the machine, but while working, he should always use a limited user account. For installing Visual Studio ultimate version, we need admin rights, since it makes many registry entries, it need access to certain components in system. For all other editions like professional or basic installation we do not need admin rights.

Why do we need Admin rights for development using VS 2013?

Admin rights are required in the following cases • Create website under IIS requires Elevated Privileges • We need admin rights to setup the local IIS and to debug code running under the local IIS. However the basic web server built In Visual Studio does not need admin rights. • First is if you're doing something like developing Windows services or shell extensions (rather than, say, desktop or Web applications). Then you'll need to have the ability to install, remove, start, and stop services; install shell extensions; Re-launch Explorer, etc

Elevated Privileges

For elevated Privileges add yourself as Power-User / Debug-User for debugging. In order to add you to power user follow this steps. My computer -> Manage-> local User and Groups -> Power Users Similarly you can add yourself to debug users as well. When we need to do operations such as changing time zones. For legacy applications that require the same Power User rights and permissions that were present in previous versions of Windows, administrators can apply a security template that enables the Power Users group to assume the same rights and permissions that were present in previous versions of Windows. Debugger Users group enables you to remotely access debugging components on other machines. Debug programs Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment Description Determines which users can attach a debugger to any process. This privilege provides powerful access to sensitive and critical OS components. This user right is defined in the Default Domain Controller Group Policy object (GPO) and in the local policy of workstations and servers. By default, only administrators and LocalSystem accounts have the privileges to debug programs.]] User Permissions in VS 2013. If the developer needs the following things to be done we need admin rights • Debugging ASP.NET Websites • Profiling • Using the emulator to debug cloud service projects for Microsoft Azure. • Debugging for XAML Browser Apps . the following link has more details on it . You only need administrative access on the remote machine in order to install the remote debugging components. You don't need it on the local machine to do the actual debugging.

March 02, 2014

How to Install IIS in Windows 8..1

Its best practice to install webserver and then install visual studio for web app development . This will automatically configure the required files while installing Visual Studio 2013
Go to Run command type appwiz.cpl

Click on Turn Windows Features on or OFF

The Following windows features screen appears

Click Internet Information Services Check Box
Press Ok. Windows Features will apply changes ,
When you select internet information services, the IIS and its required features are installed by default  , These features will help you to run and host website . However if you further require the framework extensibility, WWW services or security you can check the features that you require.  You can edit these settings whenever you need provided you are an admin to the system. You need to do a reset IIS (iisreset) to get this effected after the edit.
Now you can go ahead and install visual studio 2013
Hope this helps  .

April 19, 2011

Sql Azure – Error XML HTTP Request does not exist . Parameter Name: typeName

I am trying to connect to SqlAzure database from my windows azure account, when I try to authorize by giving valid database credentials I get the error as XMLHTTP Request does not exist. 

I know that Azure is stateless. But the  connections are maintained with state.Especially when we are trying to use asynchronous  calls using the XMLHTTP request object it doesn't recognize .Hence we should not use  XMLHttpRequest while working with Azure. But in this case I am not using any ajax calls or xmlhttprequests.


I thought might be internally azure is using xmlhttprequest. I  also checked the IP addresses of my SQL Azure firewall  to allow proxy IP.  It is  not dynamic,  it’s not changed. If this is the case error will be different message. I also have all latest XML components installed in the box.

Can you guess what is the cause and problem?

The problem is its not getting connected in IE7 or FF3.6.

This  silverlight application interface uses XMLHTTP requests from the client side,  all the operations are made through a service on Azure using port 80, not directly to the SQL Azure server.since the Silverlight application uses local XMLHTTP requests components on your machine, we need to make sure that client machine using azure account has the latest XML components. Upgrading my browser to IE8 solved the issue, I think this updated latest updates and necessary components for XMLHttpRequest for Silverlight4. At least we need to have IE8/ IE9 to work.  The cause is Silverlight 4.0 some problems with XMLHttpRequest in Firefox 3.6.

Sql Azure Tips

We should have sqlserver2008R2 to work with SqlAzure

SQL Azure is only compatible with SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. If we are planning to migrate database to SQL Azure we should first upgrade it to run on SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2.   We can take help of  SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor for compatibility  test before  migrating to SQL Azure.

The SQL Azure Migration Wizard is a very good tool for testing the compatibility between SQL Server 2008 and SQL Azure. This tooll can analyze SQL Profiler traces to check the compatibility of the T-SQL statements generated by the application.

April 13, 2011

ASP.NET WebSite Vs WebApplication


The 'web site' model was introduced with ASP.NET 2.0, the 'web application' model was the project type of the original .net framework. Web Application project we need to do explicit build.

Web Site lets you treat it like a PHP or classic ASP site, where you can make inline changes that take effect immediately.


  • You can make tweaks to the site right on the web server
  • Deploying is as simple as copying the folder


  • If you are not making the changes right on the live site, you can get into change management problems, where you forget to keep all your files in sync
  • You can get runtime syntax errors displayed to your end users, since the only way to check is to manually run every page

For me the personal preference is Web-Application rather than  Web Site as we can get  lot of trouble when we making arbitrary changes to code-behind file in notepad while the website is running.

If it is an ASP.NET Web Application project, then you need to do a build before you post the dll to production and unless we build the files cannot get updated. This is more secured and preferred ,been used for years. As we do not want to put source code in the production server.

Website model by default source code files sit in production and what ever you change that gets automatically gets compiled and updated when you save. In Website model we need to move Code Files and also ASPX Files into the production.

Windows Azure Camp -Hyderabad - Highlights


Though MUGH core was so busy, we made Azure Camp at MS IDC grand success targeting cloud Developers and the professionals planning to move their applications to cloud. The event was happened on Sunday on April 10th at MS IDC. This Camp really helped for the professionals who are not aware of Windows Azure and wanted to develop their applications to the cloud. We have got 35 people as attendees , 41 including speakers.  I feel that its good turn out being hot summer, sunday , IPL match is going on , for a topic like Azure, even we published it just 3 days before the event.

Event was started on time with Shravan‘s session on “Beginning with Windows Azure”. This session mainly focused on what is Windows Azure, Why Windows Azure, What are the various roles, what are the components in it? Why you wanted to migrate to the Windows Azure?

  attnd tables

AppFabric : Helps to connect on-premises applications with Azure cloud services and resources, eases interoperability between users belonging to different domains.

SqlAzure : Is the only relational database that is hosted on the Cloud by Microsoft.

WindowsAzure: Microsoft Cloud Operating system to host your applications on the Cloud.

  AudienceJPG DSC04271

After this Azure Development Factory session was done by Arun Koshi from Microsoft Global Delivery team. The session explained about Virtualization, Auto-Scaling, Web Role, Worker Role, Creating Applications in VS2010 and hosting them on the cloud.

After this Jaberson done a DEMO in Azure SDK 1.3 and the new Azure Management Portal and Azure Architecture.

Namit-presenting  Manish

After the lunch we had highly technical session on “Cloud Storage - Windows Azure storage services” by Namit and Rahul Rai. This session clearly explained how azure tables are stored in database and how to use them effectively. This is Very productive and highly technical session.

As Audience got so much stuff in to the memory, to make them live and interactive for the next session, I have asked the questions based on the session topics. They got Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2010 Professional Plus, and MSDN Licenses, Azure Goodies and T-Shirts as they answer the question. I am sure they enjoyed the quiz time and also their goodies.

Hima-Presenting   ORG

Finally we had last session by Manish Sharma from Microsoft. Session is on “Connecting Windows Azure to your Enterprise Network & Applications” the same session was presented in Tech-Ed 2011 Bangalore recently. This is very good opportunity for the people who might have missed Tech-Ed or missed this session at tech-ed .

We also announced about the Windows azure Contest that is going to close by 30th April . If any one of you are interested in participating in the contest details are here.

I would like to thank Mr. Abhishek Community Manager, MS for giving me the responsibility of hosting the event in Hyderabad, Harish Ranganathan for helping me all the way off line in making the event possible, all the speakers for their wonderful sessions and finally the people who attended the event on Sunday.

Hima-contest  DSC04369

Finally the event was gone well. We closed the event by 6:00PM. Here is the feedback

Hi Hima,

    I attended Windows Azure Camp yesterday. The session was very productive. I got a chance to know the thing very clearly. The speakers are very clear. Really thanks for organizing such a nice and productive event. Thanks for the Session.

----- Sudheer Kokirala , Techvedika

  I attended the session on Windows Azure camp. It was very helpful for me in learning the new technology. Thanks for the session. I am planning for a session on Azure at my workplace. so please can you share the slides that are used for the presentations and the contact details of the guys who gave the sessions.

------Naveen Kumar

You can get the presentations from this link

Please download the material from the following link. The link would expire in10 days starting from today (11:06 A.M @ April 12, 2011)

Presentation Deck: https://msgdcloudstorage.blob.core.windows.net/azureboocamp/Windows%20Azure%20Storage.pptx?se=2011-04-21T06%3A31%3A39Z&sr=b&si=readonly&sig=J6XHKFDGcJPxhCLu7LfPrwggICxNsZz92rQt7ZyVqFM%3D

And the event pictures from


March 28, 2011

Day3 at Teched-India 2011


Interested to know about Day2 at #Techedin

Day 3’s Key note by Jason Zandor - Corporate VP Microsoft was simply superb, showed the demos of MVC3 code. Lots of new stuff is planned and coming for us to learn and update. After the key note from Jason, we have keynote from Murthy Uppaluri, Director DPE. His entrance to the key note is so exciting, he entered dressed like an Indian Batsman, and hence audience are too much excited about that, as India won the match against Australia and qualified for semifinals in the world cup.


Soon after the Murthy’s key note we had round table by Rajeev, followed by lunch. After that we have round table with Jason Zandor VP Microsoft , It was the best round table that I can say, Where we gave feedback on VS2010 , C#. Came to know about some of the things that are coming, but I am not supposed to blog or tweet or share as all of them are under MVP NDA.


After this round table for a long time, I have spoken on the MVP awareness and IE9, Cloud Computing for the 24 hours Cloud day from GITCA. Hope Baxi and Ashwin share these two videos soon with me. After the technical sessions got over, there is an un conference that is stump the speaker, where people from audience asking the question for a speaker, they should be able to answer the question in 30 seconds from the time it has been asked. It was fun where we are trying to stump the speaker and speaker answers the question in 30 seconds.


Hima Vejella with Jason Zandor, Corporate VP, Microsoft at TechedIndia 2011

Now the most exciting part of Teched is to meet Anil Kumble, As all of us are cricket fans, the Kalinga Hall was completely full with audience to meet Kumble and watch his speech. Anil Kumble related technology to team dynamics. Team Building skills and the necessary to handle pressure in cricket or team. When India team does not perform well in a single match then, the team has to face lot of critics and comments. The same applies to our work; if you do not perform well on a single day whatever is performed in the past will not be visible. Hope we get the World Cup!!!

Failure is taking the path that everyone else does; success is making your own path.


Networked, Geeked, Enjoyed Round tables with Big Heads, Learnt Technology, Met most of the MVPs and Community Leads Jacob, Pinal, Amit, Anoop, Lohit, Chaithra, Chakravarthy, Vijay, Niraj, Abhijith, Abhishek, Dhanunjay, Sravan, Pranav, Joy, Harish, Ravikanth, Krishna, Soupratim, Sumit, Sanjay ,Renuka, Rahul, Ashwin .…


The enthralling ,super exciting event was closed to an end by Stuthi Shukla, Director of Marketing , India MS . These are the teched statistics.

4 live streaming partners
321 Live event screening centers accross India
3147 onsite attendees each day
1,41,750  Live online attendees


Hima with AmazedSaint (When he look at him self he feels amazed, this is what he describes how amazed saint coined) 

I would like to thank Aaron for the pluralsight dinner party on the last day, where I got the opportunity to meet Matt Milner , Fritz Onion , Chris Eargle  (codefugu from Telerik ) and talked about technology stuff.

I am sure someone who is reading this and missed the event is definitely jealous of not attending. I cannot help you in that. Try attending the one next year 2012.

March 25, 2011

Day2 at Teched India 2011


Day1 at #techedin 2011

Day2 at Teched India #techedin is all about Azure, IE9, Networking and also some fun. As I missed the key note at teched-day1 due to my flight delay, I was punctual and on time, for the key note on Day2. Day 2 keynote was by Brian Hall General Manager, DPE, Microsoft India. Shown Cool demos of IE9 compared to other browsers.

The following  are the points mentioned in Key note.
• It is fast, clean, trusted, more secured, and interoperable & supports HTML5, CSS3.
• IE9 has the new JavaScript Engine Chakra, New DOM, Which is built based on Hardware acceleration. This makes your applications for less CPU Utilization and hence faster. Fast is always Beautiful.
• Layout is optimized based on feedback; Back button is larger, user friendly, less number of pixels at the top and more space to work.
• Side by Side Drag & Pull
• We can pin to task bar
• Jump lists are integrated to IE9.

We have also seen the demos from snapdeal.com, as it is developed in html5, CSS3 and jQuery gives user friendly experience.

“People do not have time to wait. As the technology is updating, people are looking for instant actions. An example for such site is www.photovault.in by Dinesh Kumble. It has the ability to take pictures at the time it is taken the people will upload to the site immediately. “  Demos on this in IE9, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 are shown.  Audience couldn’t control to clap the hands for the amazing UI, stunning look and feel, faster performance in IE9.

IE9 statistics are 2.3 Million Downloads in 24 hours after the Beta release, and out of this 85% are new users. We can develop amazing applications with Rich graphics using IE9, We can feel that right from the beginning to have that.
Executive Round Table with Rajeev

The basic question that comes is Why Microsoft do not support XP? Why not XP? Is it a strategy to make people to forcibly migrate to XP?
The simple answer to this question is – If you want fastest browser in the world you should have the engine that supports it. Windows XP is 10 years old OS, and the old engine do not support hardware acceleration as Windows 7 does. So ultimately if IE9 runs in XP all our applications will be very slow which we never like it. That is the reason they do not want to support IE in XP.
But still the community feels that there should be some support for the developers in IE9, to write our own plug-ins and customization integrating to face-book.
I was really touched when Brain Hall answered to someone’s question, do you think that India will win today. His instant answer was “I am pretty much Sure that they will”. And it just happened…
Soon after the IE9 key note we had key note from Bharat Shyam , GM Windows Azure , MS.

Why windows Azure?
1. Cost, Avoid Capital Expenses
2. Pay per what you use.
3. Develop highly scalable, reliable applications rapidly
4. Manageability

One of the things I really liked in this tech-Ed is MVP Round tables with product team and Big Heads of MS, where we can directly talk to them and ask for what we really require, give feedback, get solution for complex real world issues. I feel proud to me invited for that. Thanks  a lot to Abhishek(s) for making this possible.

We had productive round table with Brian Hall and Bharat Shyam, Some of them are under NDA, so we are not supposed to share blog or tweet until they get announced to public. But I am pretty much sure that Windows Azure soon going to become a big hit for MS. Also attened a chalk talk on women in Technology exclusively for Lady Professionals who are leaders in the technology. It was a Very productive discussion on how to handle team especially the persons with male egos.
After that I attended Windows Azure Sessions after the round tables. It was World Cup Quarter Finals, India Plays against Australia. Who want to miss that match, we were all the time clicking the laptops for the score. People left soon after the sessions due to the mini- final match.
Hima Vejella with Sanjay Shetty, Microsoft Regional Director.
Day 2 ends by the party from INETA, GITCA and PASS. We were given some cool T-Shirts from INETA for the UG Leads. Thanks to Sanjay for that. We just watched match in the big screen in the Hotel during Dinner. What a match!!!
Allz..Well. That’s all about my Day2. Those who didn’t attend seem that you missed the event. Is it not?
Day 3 - Cricket in Tech-Ed? Surprising!!? Inspiring speech by Anil Kumble.

March 23, 2011

Day1 at Tech-ED India 2011


I didn’t think that I will attend Tech-Ed this year as I have a very busy schedule. All of my plans were attending Global Summit this year. But some how, the Global Summit one canceled and got some time to attend Tech-Ed. My flight started from Hyderabad at 8:30 AM on 23rd March 2011, As usual I started late at home, but caught the flight on time. Reached Hotel Lalit Ashok at 10:30 AM while the key note is going on, Got registered , this time there is no problem in registration as we have separate counter for Speakers and MVPs. The first session was an un-conference . There we networked with several fellow MVPs and some of my close friends. After that I attended the session on ASP.NET MVC3. Lots of stuff to learn in MVC3 compared to MVC2. I am going to blog about that as a separate blog post soon.



MVPs at the un conference. Will post you more pictures once I upload all of them.

Today I am pleased to meet PluralSight CEO Aaron Skonnard. I am supposed to meet Aaron in Hyderabad and that didn’t happened as I was not in the city at that time.  Pluralsight Trainings are excellent, Knowledge sharing and once you start learning using those trainings, you will automatically get addicted. Its worth subscribing to their trainings.

We have a privilege to meet distinguished engineer Yousef Khalidi RD Mgmt , WindowsAzure from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. This is a direct roundtable with the person who is technically very very strong. We are very much pleased the way Yousef  answer all of our questions and provided solutions to the problems. Its a very productive and one of the best roundtables that I can say.

yusuf Khaldi

MVPs with Yousef Khalidi Distinguished Engineer, Windows Azure

My Question to Yousef Khaladi was, What is azure side enhancements in Interoperability side , Integration with Java or any other language.  The answer was Initially they were concentrating on one technology ,now they are stabilized so soon we can expect toolkit to play with Java and Azure using the API.

One of the feature request that came in the conference was having client side API using Azure, Azure with Siliverlight integration would definitely benefit the developers.

I had the opportunity to meet VSTS 2010 product team from Microsoft IDC. Had Demos and Lot of Q&A with them. If you get some time try to meet the Azure team or VSTS team they have pretty cool stuff to show case.

Then we had Community Talk and plan for the Web Developers day, Windows Azure Day for MUGH in the evening that ends my Day1 at teched. I will be blogging more on tomorrow as I am feeling a bit tired and going to sleep. So stay Tuned.

I still have the last year memories for Tech-Ed meeting Soma and having lunch with him. You can still read the above link to know what happened in Teched 2010