January 19, 2015

Why do you need to run VS in Admin Mode

Limit user account the Best Practice

For the usage of Visual Studio, user permission requirements for Visual Studio vary depending on the operating system and the Visual Studio version. A programmer should work as a limited user with admin access. That is, the programmer should be the admin of the machine, but while working, he should always use a limited user account. For installing Visual Studio ultimate version, we need admin rights, since it makes many registry entries, it need access to certain components in system. For all other editions like professional or basic installation we do not need admin rights.

Why do we need Admin rights for development using VS 2013?

Admin rights are required in the following cases • Create website under IIS requires Elevated Privileges • We need admin rights to setup the local IIS and to debug code running under the local IIS. However the basic web server built In Visual Studio does not need admin rights. • First is if you're doing something like developing Windows services or shell extensions (rather than, say, desktop or Web applications). Then you'll need to have the ability to install, remove, start, and stop services; install shell extensions; Re-launch Explorer, etc

Elevated Privileges

For elevated Privileges add yourself as Power-User / Debug-User for debugging. In order to add you to power user follow this steps. My computer -> Manage-> local User and Groups -> Power Users Similarly you can add yourself to debug users as well. When we need to do operations such as changing time zones. For legacy applications that require the same Power User rights and permissions that were present in previous versions of Windows, administrators can apply a security template that enables the Power Users group to assume the same rights and permissions that were present in previous versions of Windows. Debugger Users group enables you to remotely access debugging components on other machines. Debug programs Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment Description Determines which users can attach a debugger to any process. This privilege provides powerful access to sensitive and critical OS components. This user right is defined in the Default Domain Controller Group Policy object (GPO) and in the local policy of workstations and servers. By default, only administrators and LocalSystem accounts have the privileges to debug programs.]] User Permissions in VS 2013. If the developer needs the following things to be done we need admin rights • Debugging ASP.NET Websites • Profiling • Using the emulator to debug cloud service projects for Microsoft Azure. • Debugging for XAML Browser Apps . the following link has more details on it . You only need administrative access on the remote machine in order to install the remote debugging components. You don't need it on the local machine to do the actual debugging.

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